A Journey from Comfort Zone to Risk Zone in Freelancing

Freelancing is the art of taking up creative and innovative work and getting paid hourly/project-based from numerous sources rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.

What is the secret to ‘earning decently’ while freelancing? 

By taking your first step out of your comfort zone and into the risk zone! Just moving out of your comfort zone without direction is not enough. We can all give instances where we’ve been in awkward situations, and have been considerably happy walking back to our comfort zones. But these situations didn’t have a meaningful impact on our career. It would help if you stepped into the risk zone to succeed in freelancing and increase your revenue.

The risk zone is where you put all the items that are bothersome to you and hold you back. That’s the risk zone. Things that are in The risk zone can be there for several reasons:

  • You might not know how to execute something.
  • You might have been perceived to not be good at it.
  • You may think you require additional expertise or information.

A few cases that might fall into each of the three zones are listed below. 

Things within the comfort zone might have the following: My spouse, my flat, my routine, my friends, and my job.

Outside the comfort zone may hold

  • Facing someone new,
  • Moving to a new place, away from routine,
  • Commencing a new job and acquiring a new skill.

Things found in the risk zone could be buying stock, purchasing my first house, and starting my firm.

What’s in your risk zone? First, take the opportunity to list a few items you wish to achieve. The next step is to discuss one of the things on your list with a spouse, a relative, or friends and ask them for their input on how to accomplish that thing? This will provide you with a new outlook, grant support and add energy to completing this task. Now, decide what the first step is to getting the risk list item achieved. Sign up for that course! Make that phone call! Talk to a specialist! Focus on the first step; the other actions will come later. Pledge to follow through on just that one step because that very first step is the most difficult. Finally, share your success with your spouse or friend. Celebrating your success with others will keep you stimulated and excited.

It’s a liberating feeling when you emerge triumphant and achieve one of the items from your risk zone to move your money-making capabilities forward as a freelancer. You’ll feel elevated. You will ask yourself why you did not try to try it sooner. You will eagerly want to undertake the next task in your risk zone list.

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