A Guide to Bicycling in Vermont


Vermont is a state in the northeastern United States, known for its landscape that is big on natural beauty. With a local population of less than 700,000, there are more trees than humans, but that’s even more incentive to come and visit.

Vermont is famous for its beautiful farms, towns, and villages that are a throwback to a more friendly American living era. If you want to reduce the speed of life- this is it. Although many travelers come to Vermont during the winter season to experience skiing on beautiful mountains, Bike tours in Vermont are also very hot from June to October.

While getting yourself ready to explore Vermont on a bike, you’ll want to be confident that you have sufficient biking experience to sit for long periods on a small seat. This needs to be said because although all bikers’ experience levels are welcome, the beginner biker is often caught off guard by how hard the standard bike seat can feel after a couple of hours on the road. Everyday, you’ll be biking with a travel group that will be pedalling for miles at a time. So, make sure you drive your bike a lot before starting on this tour.

People come to Vermont for bicycling because it’s naturally one of the most exquisite landscapes to view while biking. You’ll experience going through twisting country roads and running hills as you pass through picturesque villages with their traditional buildings and homes. There are weeping willow trees, mountain views, fruit orchards, and various regional galleries to savor on your trip. Depending on the travel you choose, you may go kayaking on Lake Champlain, or fancy having a picnic lunch.

Vermont has been hosting bike tours for years, so when you arrive, you’ll be welcomed with a warm greeting and have a chance to get adapted to your surroundings. Most likely your tour will start at one of the lovely bed and breakfast inns. The group you’ll be driving with will be there too, and you’ll have a chance to get familiarized as you enjoy a regular homemade Vermont style breakfast before heading out.

Will that breakfast includes their famous maple syrup? You can count on it.

At the core, Vermont is a farming state, and you’ll get to see this first hand as you bike through fields with dairy and other types of farms. Besides maple syrup, the state produces a lot of cheese exported to neighboring states like New York. So, be sure to have a flavor of both while there. If you also like to hike, you can choose a tour that makes a stop at Branbury State Park and lets you walk the nature trails. In the evening, you’ll rest at another inn, enjoy a quiet dinner, rejuvenate, and relax for the next day.

If you love to go biking and wish to explore the U.S. with charm, several excellent tours will provide you with a remarkably unforgettable experience.

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