A Day in Giethoorn – The Dutch Venice

Giethoorn is a pretty village in Holland where the only means of transport are boats, bicycles or on foot. It is located approximately 72 miles away from Amsterdam and there are various means of public transport available to get to this beautiful place.

During a solo trip to Netherlands, I visited Giethoorn, also known as the Dutch Venice, in the month of September which is one of the best months to visit this place.

On the way from Amsterdam to Giethhoorn, I also stopped by the Enclosing Dike, which is a 30km dike, connecting the province of Noord-Holland with Friesland. The view was splendid, surrounded by the sea on both sides and strong winds.

On arriving in Giethoorn, I felt like I had walked into an oasis of serenity. The chirping of birds and rowing of boats were the only sounds amidst this tranquil Dutch village. Riddled with canals and several bridges, this place is surrounded by thatched houses and beautifully manicured deep green lawns. If you are an artist, you could spend the entire day and paint the view. It was nothing short of a fairytale and reminded me of the bedtime stories I used to read as a child.

The residents of Giethoorn, prefer to stick to their traditional way of building the thatched houses and do not like their privacy to be invaded.

Giethoorn has a lot of options to offer tourists, like the Museum, De Oude Aarde, which has the finest collection of minerals and fossils, the canal side restaurants and the Mennonite Church to name a few. The air is very fresh because of the low pollution levels and no cars.

To appreciate the beauty of this village, I would highly recommend to pay a visit during winters as well when it is covered with white snow and looks no less than a winter fairyland. You could either do a day visit to Giethoorn as there are many tourists buses from Amsterdam or stay over for night in the Bed and Breakfast hotels there.

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