8 Ways Your Businesses Can Grow Email Subscribers

The first step of a successful email marketing campaign is to create a winning campaign. The next and equally important step is to identify ways to gain to grow email subscribers. When you create any marketing campaign you want to ensure that you get a good return on investment or ROI on your spending.

This extends to email marketing as well. Did you know that for every dollar you spend on email marketing you can expect an average return of $42? With billions of email users and hundreds of billions of emails sent daily and this number growing each year, these numbers are realistic.

But how can you get a share of this pie? In order to have a good ROI, you need to make sure your marketing efforts are targeted towards helping you grow. Maybe you need to run target ads, maybe you need a stellar email signature, maybe you need to create lead magnet content or maybe you need something else. There are a lot of options and it can all be overwhelming.

To make your life easier, here are 8 ways your businesses can grow email subscribers. 

Send a newsletter to your users

Newsletters are a great way for your brand to provide your readers with a value proposition. Instead of a preachy and pushy sales pitch, a newsletter has the ability to be informative and convince a reader about your brand without being a direct sales pitch.

Newsletters are a great way to build connections with your clients and prospects and increase your bottom line. Make sure you are drafting a great newsletter to get the best value from your efforts because you are 40 times more likely to get new customers from email marketing than from other social media channels. Create a content schedule, draft winning newsletters, and consistently send them for desired results. 

Add Pop-ups with a subscription form

Add pop-ups with a subscription form to your website or blog, whether you are building a mailing list or growing an existing list. Establish the reason you are adding a pop-up subscription form and build one accordingly.

There are a few different pop-up forms to choose from and pick one that best suits your purpose. The most important thing to remember is to make sure it is user-friendly and something your target audience will actually use.

Simple forms have a 30% higher performance, so, keep this in mind while creating your pop-up subscription form. Just make sure you understand your context, clarity, and call-to-action or CTA and build a pop-up subscription form that will help improve your conversion rates. 

Use an email signature with a banner

Choose an email signature editor that allows you to alter your email signature banner as per your latest campaign and needs. Incorporating a banner in your email signature is a perfect way to promote your email campaigns. There are plenty of free and paid options available.

Depending on your marketing efforts choose an email signature provider that suits your needs. An email signature with a clean and crisp design and one with a banner is the last thing your reader notices in your email. So, use an email signature with a banner that leaves a lasting impact.

This will ensure your investment in email signatures will grow your email subscribers.

Establish a rewards program

A rewards program is a great way to attract new subscribers to your email marketing efforts. Establishing a rewards program acknowledges your loyal readers and rewards them for their loyalty. As a result, your readers become your advocates and this will encourage them to continue engagement with your email marketing campaign and also encourage them to spread a positive word of mouth.

Both retaining and growing email subscribers are key in ensuring a lasting success for your email marketing efforts. Acquiring new customers can cost anywhere between 5-25 times more than retaining customers.

So, establishing a rewards program that helps you retain customers will ensure a better ROI. Research and choose a rewards program that will stimulate your efforts and help your business grow along with your subscription.   

Try to create lead magnet content

Lead magnet content is content that is created specifically to attract leads—or, in this case, email subscribers. The goal of creating an email subscriber list is to establish contact between your brand and the prospective buyer. In the process, you need to give them a value proposition that entices them to subscribe to your content.

95% of people do not make a purchase the first time they visit your website, but these are people that have visited your website and are interested in your brand in some capacity. By creating lead magnet content you increase the possibility of them converting from a lead to a customer.

Basically, a lead magnet is a reason why people are compelled to sign up for your email marketing campaign. So, think and build a lead magnet wisely to increase your subscribers and customers. 

Use interactive content for your pages or emails

Interactive emails are among the top email marketing trends today. Why? Because interactive emails encourage and enable engagement. For example, quizzes or games may help to collect more subscribers.

Instead of sending out a content-heavy message at all times, mixing it up a little with something simpler, something more task-oriented and something more engaging will ensure your subscribers are stimulated at all times. Interactive content can be a great way to get customer feedback as well. This will engage your clients and give you insight into their brand experience. Both of these are key in building and forming winning marketing strategies. 

Don’t forget about giveaways

Most marketing efforts are directed towards making a lead become a customer or someone that makes a buying decision about your product or service. What a giveaway does is that it gives the customer something for engaging with your brand. Essentially, you want to create a big enough list that helps you promote your business.

But at the same time, you do not want such a massive list that you are left with a list of unqualified leads that result in no purchases. So, the first step is to identify a good give away. Then you can use this giveaway as an opportunity to grow quality email subscribers. Ultimately, the goal is to convert this list of leads to happy customers. 

Run target ads

When you create an email marketing campaign it is important to segment your subscribers. First, you need to create segments based on the criteria you establish. Then you need to direct your efforts to these segments.

Though segmentation helps refine your content as per your target audience, it also extends to advertisements. Running targeted ads will help you target your ads based on relevance. As a result, your advertisement will most likely connect with your target audience. This will then result in you getting a higher ROI by giving your subscribers what they want and enticing them with what they can have.

Both of which are the reasons behind growing your email subscribers. 

Email marketing campaigns are a staple in marketing today. Doing this right will ensure you get the desired result. In order to grow your business, it is important to grow leads and email subscription is a great way to attract leads. So, keep these tips in mind while creating your email marketing campaign, so you can grow your email subscribers and ultimately your business.

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