8 PDF Editing Tips For Amateurs


Editing tricks on PDF files are few and far between. But fret not, in this article, we’ve collated some of the most common edits you need to know to edit any PDF file that will come your way.

1. Convert PDF to JPG

Most PDF documents have great images incorporated with text and other icons. Especially if it’s a document usually intended for mass consumption. If you want to convert PDF to JPG, you can do so with browser-based PDF applications like the PDF Bear suite. These days, you don’t need to install a standalone PDF reader and editor to do basic editing on a PDF – you just need to have a browser in your hand, and a reliable Internet connection, and voila!

When you convert a PDF file JPG, it’s better to focus on the exact location of the image that you have in mind. What this means is that getting a close-up of that part of the document will serve you better. As a file format, JPEG is flat, which means it will only show elements that are on top.

2. Add text

Arguably the most common edit that is asked of PDFs, adding text is fairly simple. First off, you’d need textboxes to enable adding text. Once you establish the location of the textbox, you can then decide on its size and corresponding properties. To add text, just start typing inside the textbox. Afterwhich, you can then edit on how you want the text to look like.

3. Add and delete pages

Adding new pages on a PDF file can be complicated at first, but when you already know how word processing applications work, it should come as no surprise. For most online PDF applications like PDF Bear, thumbnails are lined on one side after uploading the document. What you need to do is to find the plus button and choose pages. Before this, though, you need to choose the page which you want the new page to follow.

Deleting pages follows in the same manner. Highlight the pages you want to go, then right-click and see if the “Delete” button appears. If it doesn’t, look on the toolbar and find the minus or negative sign.

4. Edit text on PDF

If you want to edit text directly into the PDF, you’d need a more powerful and feature-rich editor. Lucky you, PDF Bear can do just that. To edit the text on an uploaded PDF file, click the text, then a series of floating toolbars should appear. Choose the one that indicates text; then, you should find editing tools like font, size, formatting, etc. appearing.

5. Insert image

While most PDFs are good as is, when your task is to edit them to perfection carefully, there are times that you’ll want to add some appropriate images on strategic parts to further emphasize the point. To insert an image, find the Insert toolbar and click on the Image option. To effectively incorporate the image into the PDF, flattening it is a trick that always works.

6. Highlight text

Highlighting text in a PDF emphasizes it. Whether you just like to underline a point across rephrasing the wording on the text, highlighting is a great way to single out a word or phrase. This is one of the most fundamental functions that should be present in any PDF editor, online or standalone software, and it should work like a charm.

To effectively highlight, choose the toolbar that usually looks like a highlighter. Then choose the color you want the highlight to be – red, orange, and yellow are usually top choices because they’re the ones that are easily noticed. Apply broad strokes on the text or phrase, then specify the edits you want to do in a textbox.


Editing a PDF is fun and shouldn’t be a source of stress! Follow these tricks, and you’ll have a newly-found knowledge of how to create the perfect PDF file without so much as breaking a sweat! Happy editing!

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