7 ways nature can help you find your creativity back

Mood Swings in creative people: They’re the most damaging – uninspired environments, writer’s block,and missing inspirations. We have all encountered our share of creative clouds. But, how do we come out of those paralyzing lapses? Nature will inspire you. For many, directly experiencing life has a way of clearing our restraints. When we connect with nature, we loosen ourselves up to uninhibited, natural incentives meant to help us accomplish our creative calling!

Below are seven nature-inspired approaches to try the next time you feel artistically hindered. Even if you don’t weigh yourself as a nature-lover, these artistic prompts in a shift of scenery might be just what you need to get your creative juices rolling!

1. Pebbles: Collect ten tiny rocks and arrange in varying patterns throughout the day. Try to express your mood or other messages with your designs.

2. Leaf:  Assemble soft, fallen leaves, grab a pen and doodle, write poetry, a love note, and “leaf” them for others to find.

3. Walk with the moon. At least once during the next full moon, proceed to the outdoor area and see how the moonlight embraces the plants, land, and imagination. Do not turn on your torch; let the bright light of the moon control your eyes. Take note of how everyday items look unusual under this new light.

4. Beaches. Take off your sandals or shoes and take a stroll on the beach. Or feel the springy, dewy coolness of a morning garden, or the sand sliding between your toes in your child’s sandbox! How about squishing around in some rustic mud or clay at your favorite hiking hide-away or earth spa? The point is to feel the details between your toes and fingers and revel in the healing energy of earthy fragrances.

5. Art for art’s sake. Engage in a group of artists who create art to leave anonymously for others to find! I’ve left my art on trails/trailheads and in parks. It’s fun, it gives back, and it’s strangely refreshing, not to forget a little therapeutic!

6. Land art. Go to any natural area nearby and free your imagination. Study the panorama for available natural materials (sand, shells, rocks, leaves, sticks) and try watchful expression. One rule: use only the natural materials at hand- no glue, paperclips, string, shovels, nails, tape, etc.

7. Creative meditation. Meditate someplace different, take it outside-in your garden on a hill, at the beach. Find a secure, convenient place to practice a meditation that stimulates your creativity chakra. You can read about the creative chakras here. I tried Pranamasana wearing my joggers and chanting Oṃ Mitrāya Namaḥ. It worked wonders. I found myself closer to myself.

Let us know what worked the best for you!

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