6 Signs of Spiritual Awakening in Self-Leadership


Enlightenment is defined as the “complete understanding of a situation.”

I have seen a lot of leaders who question their sanity at times. There are times when they fight to control their intuition as it tried to lead them into truth, that their mind could not accept.  

Spiritual awakening is the answer to this dilemma. 

Open your eyes and start scanning around your surroundings. All appears to be in the same situation as you left it a while ago, or is it? For instance, you are meditating, and you have just completed stretching your arms and legs; you are feeling calm and relax. You are feeling well, refreshed, rested and content. The meditation session was excellent. Even then, a few questions bother you.

Nonetheless, sometimes you ask yourself what an actual spiritual awakening is and if you have already reached such an understanding. Many people would argue that the practice of spiritual enlightenment is so profound and life-altering that it is impossible to miss. When you achieve spiritual growth, knowing the signs might help them understand that they are already in the place. Divine arousal is not a continuous thing; it can come and go. Therefore, it could be better if you know if you’re getting closer to attaining it or not.

Here are six signs of Spiritual Awakening:

  1. A passionate desire in your heart to know what your goals are
  2. You want to make a difference in life and lead yourself and people around you to victory. 
  3. Your friends begin drifting away from you because you aren’t the same anymore.
  4. You accept that you feel different than you used to think about anything or everything.
  5. You want to make changes in the way you think and think about your life.
  6. You are no longer being happy with the way things are or where they seem to be going.

Determining what you want in your leadership journey and sticking to your goals without distractions and toxic negativity is possible only when you are Spiritually Aware. 

This awakening of consciousness is a high-level form of awareness, where you as a leader, can find ways to humble your ego and accelerate your ambitions in life. 

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