6 Leadership Lessons From Harvey Specter

One of my favorite Netflix characters in Suits, Harvey Specter, is a former corporate attorney, one of the partners at Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, and a former Assistant District Attorney for the New York County District Attorney’s Office. He is also the spouse of Donna Paulsen.

Here are six lessons I learned from Harvey Specter.

  1. Risk is inevitable: Taking risks in life is a significant determinant of success. One’s capacity to take premeditated risks coupled with a little bit of luck can transform anyone’s career from flat and monotonous to active and interesting. Dangers are a vital ingredient in life, and they produce an absolute adrenaline rush to our lives. Of course, you must understand the kind of risk you are taking. If you are foolishly taking on risk without acknowledging the outcomes of your actions, you might be setting yourself up for trouble.
  2. Raising your voice will take you nowhere: You should improve your argument in any debate or discussion. Raising your voice is an act of fear and insecurities. Getting emotionally consumed and angry in an unfavourable situation does you no good. Men who react to situations rather than examining are bound to fail.
  3. Dress well: Dress poor, and your ideas are cumbersome and cramped. Dress appropriately, and your mindset will be sharp and definite.
  4. Aim high: Never let your lack of experience hold you back. Everyone starts from zero; being a beginner doesn’t mean you cannot resolve and behave like an expert. Please keep an open mind when it comes to criticism. It will help you evolve and thrive in life. Grasp as much information as possible from experts around you.
  5. Plan B: This is an important factor that separates successful people from not so successful ones. There is nothing as do or die situation in reality. Always be ready to take a different road if something is not working out as planned.
  6. Eye Contact: Throughout the show, Harvey is bold enough to keep sharp eye contact with his colleagues, enemies, clients, and hot women. When you maintain eye contact with anyone, it indicates many things such as that you’re involved with them, your interest in a person, even how bold you feel.

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