5 Ways Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Revenue in 2020

What’s the purpose of marketing?

Business owners have a lot of different answers to this question. Some say to build brand awareness, and others say that they want to compare favorably to competitors. Some want to build relationships or simply outrank others in search results.

However, the reality is that all of these goals point to one aim – to build your company’s revenue. After all, if your marketing isn’t leading to revenue, why do it?

Choosing the best digital marketing company in Canada can be one of the best ways to gain new customers and build your business. Here are five ways digital marketing can boost your revenue this year.

Retargeting Reminds Prospects of Your Products

When someone visits your website and checks out your products or services, they aren’t always ready to buy. When they leave your website, it can easily become “out of sight, out of mind.” In fact, the customer may buy the exact same product from someone else a few days later!

What can you do? Using a digital marketing strategy called retargeting can help keep your information front-and-center no matter what website a person visits. 

With retargeting, you can show people ads throughout the internet when they have shown interest in one of your products or services.  You can also show ads to folks who are on your email list to continue to build their relationship to your brand.

All of these strategies will go a long way toward boosting sales and revenue!

Paid Social Media Ads Meets People Where They Are

30% of all time spent online is on social media. Where better to focus your digital marketing efforts than where people already spend their time?

You can target your ads based on a huge variety of interests, affiliations, and buying patterns. This helps ensure that the people you reach are far from random, but in fact are the most likely to be interested in buying your products.

You don’t even have to move straight into the “buy” phase on social media – you can offer opt-ins that put people on your email list so that you can continue to nurture them toward a sale.

Content Creates Value for Customers

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. When you create high-quality content, you are building that kind of relationship. 

When you solve customer problems at a high level for free, people begin to trust that you can solve their problems at a more detailed, paid level as well. There’s nothing like this level of trust to not only bring in new sales but also repeat business.

Great high-value content isn’t just good for the customers who visit you, either. Search engines love it as well, and when people search for the keywords you target, they will see your website ranked more highly.

Interested in getting help finding keywords and creating high-quality content? An SEO agency in New York can be the perfect professional help.

Videos Help Create In-Person Connections

You can’t meet everyone in person, but being able to show up on video can give that in-person feeling. Being able to see your face, your expressions, and the way you communicate non-verbally builds an extra level of trust that’s hard to find otherwise.

This intimacy of video helps you tell your story and share the difference you make in customers’ lives. This trust makes it far more likely that people will commit to buying your products or choosing your services.

Video is one of the most popular mediums online, and there’s a good reason. It creates a better connection than text or audio alone. People love to watch videos, so create some to boost your business! 

Great Reviews Convince Others to Buy!

People trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation. So what do your reviews say? Do you have enough?

The easiest way to start getting reviews is to make sure that your Google My Business page is accurate and linked to your Google reviews. From there, make sure that you’re set up on other review sites, like Yelp, Facebook, and any industry-specific sites.

These reviews help your future customers trust your business and understand the difference you’ve made in others’ lives. It also helps search engines understand that you’re a reliable and reputable business, which can boost your search ranking.

Both of these results build your sales and revenue, so building up reviews is worth the effort.

Build Your Business Through Digital Marketing

Marketing online does not have to be your only marketing strategy. In fact, many local businesses find great success mixing online marketing with print marketing, in-person event sponsorships, and more.

That doesn’t mean that digital marketing can be overlooked! As you can see, digital strategies can make a huge difference in your revenue and help you grow your business in new ways. There’s no reason not to get started!

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