5 Unique Experiences to Enjoy in the UK


The United Kingdom is known for its royal family, its sparkling theatre district in London, its castles and history, and its fish and chips. However, if you have seen the majority of the major tourist attractions and are looking to experience something a little bit different, here are the top things to do for those who believe that they have seen it all. 

  • Go on an Outlander Tour 

Although the UK has many historical attractions in its midst, why not choose to visit historical sets and film locations instead? The UK is home to some of the most famous film locations in the world, from Harry Potter to Peaky Blinders, and it is incredibly easy to visit some of the incredible places that you have only before seen on film. At Silverscreen Tours, they can offer you the chance to go on a group Outlander tour where you can pretend that you are Claire and Jamie Fraser as you travel through the magnificent sights of Edinburgh and Inverness.  

  • Enjoy a Thermal Bath

Are you envious of the thermal bathing experiences that you can enjoy in far-off destinations such as Iceland? If you want to have the opportunity to visit an original thermal bath spa in the heart of England, then you should visit the Thermal baths in Bath, which were initially built by the Romans. Not only does this give you an insight into the history of one of Britain’s most beautiful cities, but it also allows you to spend an afternoon getting pampered. 

  • Travel on a Steam Railway

If you want to go back in time and experience what life in the UK used to be like, you should consider taking a trip on a traditional steam railway, many of which are still operating within the UK. One of the best of these is the Worth Valley Railway in Yorkshire, which can take you to the historic Haworth, home of the infamous Bronte sisters, as well as giving you an opportune gateway to the Yorkshire Moors. 

  • Sail Off the Mainland

Do you believe that you have seen everything that the mainland has to offer? If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of London and other large tourist hubs, you should consider sailing off the mainland and adventuring along the coastline. The islands off the UK are home to some of the most beautiful locations, including the Scilly Islands, where you can spot puffins and other animals which are rare in the UK and the Isle of Man, where you can travel to the famous Fairy Pools. For somewhere a little close, the Isle of Wight is a popular tourist destination only half an hour by ferry from the city of Portsmouth. 

Although you might not think that the UK has the right weather for water sports, many of its locations are perfect for a summer outdoor adventure. For instance, Lake Windermere in the lake district often hosts sailing, boating, and canoeing, whereas Devon and Cornwall are hotspots for surfing and paddle-boarding. 

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