5 Tips For Managing Negative Thoughts

What are Thoughts?

Thought includes an “aim-oriented flow of concepts and ideas that can lead to a reality-oriented judgment”. Although thinking is an act of existential importance for humans, there is still no accord as to how it is adequately defined or understood.

Classroom Definition of Negative Thinking:

We are all stuck in Negative Thinking from time to time. This not only destroys our mental peace, but it also leaves us depressed and anxious. Guilt about the past, Stress about the present and Horror of the future are a few reasons for Negative thoughts.

We all have hundreds of distinct thoughts every day; our mind is never still unless we can master some specialized meditation techniques.

Only few are blessed to ever attain that state, so what are you going to do to soothe your soul and eliminate negative thoughts?

Confident affirmations

Do they work, maybe! But what I understand from personal experience is that chanting positive affirmations takes me away from the cold thoughts. These statements don’t have to be over the top. E.g., if I want to feel good about my business, rather than repeating I’m an exceptional success I might say I have sowed the seeds of success. It’s low key, practical, trustworthy, and my mind grasps it quickly. I don’t get any resistance, and my mind clears negative thoughts.

Do a gratitude catalog.

Sit quietly, unwind, take a few long breaths and let your mind flow to those things that are good or those things which are going well. Notice the feeling as you engage yourself in those feelings.


Sing out loud, hum in the car, sing in the shower, or buzz in your mind. Pick songs that uplift you. Don’t be ashamed, who cares what others think.

Deep breathing.

Focus entirely on your breathing as you take a set of long gradual deep breaths. Visualise the breath moving all through your body relaxing and soothing every cell in your soul and body.


Write down your plans and resolutions and display them to the world in a diary. Diaries can be analysed as part of any journey to remove negative thinking. Diaries help you understand your thinking styles and gain a better understanding of how your thoughts cause your emotional outbursts. Start writing.

If you struggle with negative thought patterns and it’s impacting your life, don’t worry. You are not alone. Take deep breaths, build yourself a nice gratitude catalog, sing and write down your thoughts- you will start feeling better.

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