5 Reasons To Consider Your Terrain Before Choosing a Bike

Do not rush into a purchasing decision for traditional or hybrid bikes. Sure, buying one of the best beach cruiser bikes with gears is exciting, but if you are not assessing your reasons for buying, then you may be unhappy with the final purchase. Do you prefer city bicycles? Or, are you a racer or a mountain biker? Your style of riding and the terrain you experience the most drives the purchase decision. Therefore, there are at least five reasons you should consider terrain before purchasing a bicycle.

1. Multi-gears

Many people see a bike with a plethora of gear choices and think that more gears mean a better bike, but that is not necessarily accurate. True, more gears make a bicycle more versatile, but not every rider needs multiple speeds. Having a large selection of gear options is better for mountain bikers who experience various terrains on any given ride. The gear shifting allows them to navigate the path with ease. A city rider will not have use for so many gears, especially if the terrain is mostly level and flat.

2. Single-Speeds

Too many riders are disappointed with a single-speed bike, especially when they live in hilly regions of the country. A single-speed bicycle is an excellent option for racers who ride on a dedicated and flat, paved track. The lack of options makes the ride less complicated and allows for speed and acceleration.

3. Low Gears

You can find a multitude of bikes with limited gear options. These bikes are often referred to as city bikes because they are great for the city and flat surface riding. They are also good options for areas with slightly uneven paved terrain.

4. Wheel Size

Do you think about your wheel size when purchasing a bicycle? Are you concerned about the overall height or the terrain? The fact is larger 29-inch wheels are better suited for mountain biking. The tires are more durable than standard 700c options. However, if you are more interested in acceleration and balance, then you want a bike with 27.5-inch wheels, especially if you ride on paved roads. 700c wheels are better suited for flat surfaces and causal city riding.

5. Suspension

Any rider knows that the suspension can make all the difference in the experience of a bicycle ride. However, you need to consider your riding style and terrain. If you are a mountain bike racer, then having front suspension is likely crucial to your performance and agility. Even regular racers like to have front suspension. However, any type of performance cyclist prefers not to have full front and back suspension because of the added weight and drag on the bike.

Too many people neglect the thought of terrain when purchasing a bicycle, but it is one of the elements crucial to a decision. If you ride on flat surfaces, then you will require fewer gears, smaller wheel sizes and fewer suspension needs when compared to a mountain biker. If you want to know more about how terrain effects bicycle performance, then contact a local retailer.

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