5 Quick Facts About BlockuDoku


Block games are everyone’s favorite. If you enjoy playing Block Hexa or even Tetris, try BlockuDoku. It’s one of those fantastic and distinctive block games on the app store that you’ll certainly fall in love with. What else sets it apart from the rest? Here are some quick facts about BlockuDoku:

1. It’s free of cost

Having more than ten million downloads, BlockuDoku features everything that other block games offer. In-app purchases pertain only to the advertisement, but if those don’t bother you, the free version is good to go. You can play daily challenges, participate in the seasonal ones, win rewards, and change themes without paying even a single penny. Once you try the game, you’ll be addicted. It’s a block game worth having on your phone.

2. It’s a Sudoku style block game

BlockuDoku is a fantastic combination of classic blocks with satisfying Sudoku. Blocks bring out your creativity, and Sudoku calls for a logical mind. It’s based on the mechanics of a 9×9 grid to help you build streaks and squares. Both the concepts are quite popular amongst gaming enthusiasts, and BlockuDoku involves both of these. 

3. Simple strategies help you score high

The winning tactics aren’t at all complicated – just a few simple tricks can take you a long way. So keep these in mind – make more streaks and squares. Don’t keep waiting for the perfect figures. Snap at a chance since it’s risky to keep waiting for better blocks. Avoid overbuilding the board, or else you’ll run out moves. Your aim must be to keep the grid clean, so keep going at it and make sure you’re leaving at least one block space free, so you don’t get stuck. That’s it!

4. It’s a great summertime hobby

When it’s super-hot outside, and you got to stay all locked up indoors, BlockuDoku is one block game that’ll keep you entertained. It’s simple, engaging, and nothing too overwhelming. Once you get the hang of the rules, it’ll be an addiction, of course, a good one. The gameplay is smooth, the interface is clutter-free, and there are no annoying ads. So it’s a great pastime to sizzle up your summers. 

5. It’s available worldwide

There are very few games that are available all around the globe. But the block games like BlockuDoku are available for downloading anywhere in the world in fifteen different languages. It has exciting levels and all the essential features making it something you cannot put aside.

Get BlockuDoku For Free – Install Now!

BlockuDoku is designed based on two traditional concepts – blocks and Sudoku. If you have a great time playing any of these, BlockuDoku will certainly be your thing! So what are you waiting for? Download the game on your smartphone and get going. You won’t be disappointed.

Good luck!

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