5 Great Accessories for Gun Enthusiasts

As a gun owner, your safety and that of others are a priority. Once you have received all the necessary training to get your license and permits, you’ll be ready to go down to the shooting range or spend the weekend in the mountains hunting. It’s also important to have the right accessories to help clean and manage your gun maintenance, but also to improve your hunting experience or to make you feel more comfortable when using your gun. Here are 5 great accessories for gun enthusiasts that you might want to add to your collection if you haven’t got them already. 

1. Ear Defenders

Guess what? Guns are loud! So, whether you’re spending some time at the shooting range or out in the country hunting, you must make sure you’re protecting your hearing. Having top quality ear defenders or plugs amongst your accessory collection is essential. Not only is it unpleasant to have persistent ringing in your ears all day, if you’re hearing is impaired when there are others with firearms around, but this could also be dangerous. You need to make sure you’re kept alert and able to communicate with others around you to avoid any terrible accidents. 

2. A Good Holster 

For smaller handguns having a comfortable, secure holster will be beneficial to you. There is a wide range of holsters you can choose from, so getting one or two could be a good idea. If you have a concealed carry permit, you’re like to have your gun on you for the majority of your day, which makes comfort and ease of access all the more important. Research the best concealed carry holster to find one that’s right for you.  

3. Rifle Scope

If you like to go out on regular hunting trips during the season, then you will want to give yourself the best chance of success. To help you hone-in on the stags, birds, or whatever else it is you’re looking to take home for dinner, add a quality rifle scope to your accessory list. They will help you to take a much better aim, and some are even equipped to use in the dark, which is perfect for when you’re losing the light. 

4. Brass Catcher

One of the downsides of shooting or hunting is having to pick up your brass once you’re done. If this is a task you hate doing, shop around for a brass catcher to do the work for you. Attach it to your rifle and adjust it to fit so it can catch your brass as you go. Usually holds up to 30 cartridges, but this will depend on the size you choose. 

5. Armorers Kit

Finally, one accessory that should be in every gun enthusiast’s collection is an armorer’s kit. Filled with all the right tools to repair and enhance your gun, or you could even build one from scratch. This is a great kit to have at hand to help with gun maintenance and if you want to get a bit creative. 

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