5 Benefits of Petting a Dog

Imagine an arrogant young adult towering over a little dog and melting. Without a doubt, dogs are therapeutic.  

Lets’ explore the five benefits of petting a dog. 

Dogs are known to reduce and eliminate anxieties and panic attacks among humans.

Anxieties are widespread. An abusive relationship, confusing career path and broken dreams- anxieties have taken over the world. Do you remember that painful night when you kept staring at the fan ceiling, shivering and panicking after seeing your boyfriends’ story on Snapchat with another girl? Now imagine a cute puppy staring at you waving her tail at that very moment? Research has shown that hormones like dopamine or beta-endorphin are released by the body when one touches a dog. This aids in the relief of any stress or anxiety

Dogs help in the Recovery of a Speech Disorder.

People who have dysarthria speech disorder can get many benefits from dogs, particularly therapy dogs. It helps them gain back the coordination of muscle along with their speech. Therapy dogs help in the case as they aid in the development of the span of attention. They also increase the coordination of the muscles.

Dogs Help People with Dementia.

Older adults who have dementia can get much assistance and help from dogs. Dogs help them to walk and recover items that they cannot go and fetch. Also, at the same time, the dogs assist them through their physical and mental illness.

Dogs are a miracle for children with Autism. 

Autistic children get much help from therapy dogs. The dogs help autistic children to interact with the parents. Dogs are non-judgmental, and so it helps the children to communicate without any sorts of troubles. A trained dog understands human hand gestures and vocal expression. That is why it is simpler for autistic kids to reroute their desires to the concerned person via such trained wonders of nature.

Dogs also help in Household Chores.

Trained dogs do very well in assisting physically disabled people to do their house chores. Essential things like retrieving crisis medication or necessary injections, responding to the doorbell or the smoke detector is done very well by canines. In case the patient is unresponsive or napping, pets help a great deal in saving the day for their masters. Whether it is a healing visitation by a trained animal or a complete animal-assisted therapy, these dogs can adapt to different needs.

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