4 Leadership Lessons from Fishing

Fishing is the pursuit of catching fish. Techniques for catching fish include netting, spearing, hand gathering, angling and trapping. 

That being said, let’s explore four leadership lessons from fishing.

  1. Good Morning: The best time to go fishing is early in the morning. Fishing teaches an underappreciated aspect of life- Waking up early. Rising for fishing can help encourage you to become a morning person. Studies show that this can be an essential skill that can help you find comfort throughout the day, be more fruitful and become healthier. A healthy leader is a better leader.
  2. Patience: Patience is the ability to endure delays, problems, or distress without becoming angry or anxious. When fishing, patience is a feature, meaning every time you throw your fly rod in the river, you are not going to catch a fish with a 100 percent guarantee. This is an important lesson that must be acquired in life. Leaders are often anxious and annoyed whenever things don’t go as planned. Anxiety and misery fetch nothing. Sometimes what seems to be a failure is just an excuse to read and refocus our awareness on what is most valuable in life—and that isn’t always getting what we think we want.
  3. Passion: Passion means a strong and barely controllable emotion. People passionate about fishing cannot move on from the fishing rods and just about any lure, line, or reels. An acquired fishing passion prevails forever. Whether one is living near a riverside or in a city, the love for fishing is omnipresent. Similarly, passion is the principal driving force in leadership. If you are passionate about driving your company with co-workers and employees, you will make it to the top. 
  4. Wisdom in Silence: Most of the leaders around us are too busy being occupied. We need to look around and get in touch with nature, with God and with ourselves. Fishing can do that for you.

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