3 Ways to Use Social Media to Further your Cause


Everybody knows that nonprofits tend to turn to social media when they want to ask people’s help for a specific cause (usually for raising funds). After all, a good cause is not enough – you need money to put the wheels in motion. 

While this is a good use of various social media channels and tools, there are other ways you can use the tremendous power of these platforms. Here we’ll mention the three most popular methods used by volunteers and nonprofits:

1: Raising Awareness

Not all causes need financial support. In fact, some of the most important campaigns need awareness from the public. 

A good awareness campaign can be eye-opening, inspirational, and educational for lots of people from all over the world. 

For instance, UNICEF runs a strong Pinterest campaign asking where they use the power of images to inspire people about the things they can do to help. This is an important aspect as many people who would like to volunteer don’t really know about the opportunities at their disposal. 

Another way to raise awareness is by making people think about serious problems without being confrontational. A good example comes for The Girl Scouts’ Facebook campaign where they asked people to share their good news and positive views on girls. This way, they turned the world’s attention on the positive aspects of being a girl and why we should focus more on their proper education. 

2: Making Connections

We are highly social people and the best way to spread the word about something is to have the right connections. Luckily, social media provides us with a fantastic platform where we can meet new people and invite them to share our cause. 

A simple Facebook or Instagram page (or YouTube channel) can turn into a strong communication that shares your views and supports your projects! 

However, you will need to brush up on your web and graphic design first, as social media is a highly visual medium. If you’re a bit new to the tech world, there are some amazing Design and Multimedia online courses you can try. 

3: Keeping People Up to Date

Most nonprofits have a website or a landing page, but it’s easier to keep everyone up to date via social media, once the community is coming together. Since most people have their notifications turned on, you can be sure they will be notified of upcoming events or activities. 

Overall, big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others are a wonderful way to connect with each other and share common views!  

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