10 Rules for Creating the Perfect Tagline for your Firm

What is a Tagline

A tagline is a modification of a branding slogan used in promotions, marketing materials and publicity. The idea behind the notion is to create a memorable idiom that will reflect the nature and proposition of a trademark or merchandise or strengthen the audience’s memory of a commodity. 

In order words, A tagline or a slogan is a catchphrase designed to get “stuck” in prospects’ heads. The tagline should be precise and exciting, like a magnificent piece of haiku. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you should create a slogan that attracts your customers to study further into your company and spark a conversation with you. Make them want to know more about what you ‘do’, and once you’ve piqued their interest, they’ll start to participate more in what they’re interested in as well. Once a conversation between you and a new customer is opened, you stand more of a chance to captivate them thoroughly, and then you can persuade them that you are the ‘best’ entrepreneurship venture in that niche.

Here are 10 Golden Rules For Great Taglines

  1. You don’t have to sound cute and bubbly. Cuteness is considered to be cheesy and people might not take your initiative seriously. 
  2. Your focus should be on the benefit of your client. 
  3. Never repeat words in your tagline. Repetition brings monotony.
  4. Spend enough time with a thesaurus. 
  5. The maximum length for a slogan should be around seven words. Psychologically speaking, a human mind remembers up to seven words.  
  6. Focus on using short words. Longer terms are difficult to remember, and your initiative will be forgotten. 
  7. Don’t use well-worn phrases.
  8. Using a name that carries emotions is vital in any tagline. Emotions invoke the benefit of customers. 
  9. Tag-lines are essential, YES! But tag-lines do not replace a good marketing strategy. Don’t stop marketing your product even if you have the choicest slogan in your niche. 
  10. A survey is fundamental. Ask your friends and your existing clients what they think about your tagline. Invite constructive criticism. 


The art of tagline development is similar to the composition of a lyric for a song. It must adhere to specific rules and limitations prescribed by the brand to work in close harmony.

Think about the slogans you know and remember. They reveal something novel, relevant, and memorable about the firm they represent. And they are always included in any information about that brand. You see the logo, and there’s the slogan right there with it. They are often charming. Easy to remember. Narrative. Apt. Fun. Crisp and fresh.

Best of all, they help you memorize a brand and the one thing that firm wants you to remember about that brand. And that is the power of a great tagline.

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