Young Entrepreneur Survives All Odds to Share Secrets to Success


Businessman and investor Tristan Labuschagne shares his success story. Tristan Labuschagne, born and raised in South Africa, grew up trying to follow his father’s footsteps, Conray Labuschagne, a successful and wealthy businessman.

Tristan grew up with his two siblings, having a passion and mind for business, from a young age searched for business mentors to achieve the same success as his mentors.

Tristan after completing school went into the personal development industry with his father, Conray Labuschagne. Tristan immigrated to Australia along with his family, venturing with his father’s company WYW Wealth 4 All. Since, Tristan has been able to achieve great success as a young entrepreneur, investor, and businessman through various opportunities. Tristan has achieved the wealth creation tools of leverage and compounding and has been focusing on utilising the knowledge and experience of his mentors, along with changes in technology, to take the personal development company digital along with his father.

Many people do not know that Tristan was involved in 2 hijackings during his life. The first as a child, where during a robbery was held hostage against his parents by the robbers, before their getaway the gunman had attempted to discharge his weapon, firing at Tristan, however by miracle the weapon had jammed. The second hijacking occurred at the age of 18, where Tristan was held at gunpoint in his vehicle travelling to the airport. Tristan has given credit to the miracle of his survival to the Higher Power, giving thanks and appreciation for watching over him. Currently, Tristan has admitted that he is looking forward to reaching more people on a global scale with the help of technology, being able to support and provide education to thousands of individuals in need of personal development and wealth creation coaching during COVID-19. Tristan has willingly shared his secret to his success, stating that rather trying to improve his weaknesses into strengths, or a skill for which he does not have the talent for, he focuses on building a team that has the skills, strengths and talent needed and leverages off their capabilities. Believing that the secret to wealth is having leverage and compounding, along with the right system, strategy, mentors, and team.

Tristan has quoted that his favourite quote is “the pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails”. He has made this statement visible in his beliefs towards hiring top talent, that when bringing a new member onboard, assessing and focusing on the passion, capabilities and talent of the individual and determining whether or not their talent will prosper and thrive in the role, acknowledging that it is best to be open minded when looking for new talent.

Tristan has remained consistent in his industry, maintaining the ‘walk the talk’ practice in business, being an honest, humble, and transparent individual. Tristan has dedicated his efforts towards helping students achieve financial success through education and personal development. Tristan has confirmed that his motivation in life is living his lifestyle. Tristan spends his free time with family and friends performing outdoor activities. Tristan has a passion for nature, exploring waterfalls, mountains, forests, and beaches. Tristan performs multiple extreme activities consisting of rugby, skydiving, diving, and hiking. Tristan is dedicated to environmental sustainability, having involvement in multiple environmental campaigns fighting towards global sustainability, and unknown to many people Tristan is a vegan, and grows his own fruits and vegetables from his home. Tristan has stated that these passions keep him motivated, believing that the secret to life is enjoying everything in moderation.

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