‘You Need To Know It’ exploring Social Media Platforms to Fight Propaganda


The world has entered into a digital period in its history. Technology rules every sector of the business world. Naturally, this has also affected the news and media industry. While news portals are still stuck to providing news in a conventional way, vis articles, YouTube is one platform which stands out in acting as a knowledge and information source on different topics. Be it cultural, political, scientific, financial or any topic for that matter, there is a YouTube video that explains everything about it in detail. While many YouTubers on the platform are using it to spread a propaganda that matches there own line of thought, fortunately there is still a content creator that focuses on providing clear-cut, in-depth and factual information without any distortion or manipulation.

The YouTube channel You Need To Know It was started over one year back, in 2019. Since then, the channel has uploaded over 12 videos, and is steadily growing. Currently, it stands at 1,690 subscribers. Propaganda is the agenda of every Opinion and News niche YouTuber these days, and when everyone is looking for something authentic, creative and factual, You Need To Know It provides the perfect blend of all these things. Till now, the channel has made videos ranging from a plethora of topics. The channel is based in India, which naturally means that a lot of its videos are India-centric. 

It has made videos on topics such as culture, global economy and finance, etc. There are also some in-depth videos on India centric issues such as floods in Bihar, Water Crisis and it even has a poem dedicated to the martyrs of India! The motto of the channel is quite clear in its name itself. It runs on the belief that people all over want authentic and factual information so that they are always armed with the proper facts.

Recently, You Need To Know It has started collaborating with other creators who share the same vision as it. The Positive Indian is one such creator who has helped in acting as a reliable information partner, one of the video of their collaboration being ‘Youth and Politics in India’. As time progresses, You Need To Know It grows steadily, which raises everyone’s expectations regarding how their content is going to evolve and be presented to everyone.

The channel also has presence of prominent social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where they busy fake news, expose propaganda and share facts regarding news and politics of India. One can easily say that a lot is expected from them in future.

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