Why are Self-Employed Leaders Misunderstood?


If you ask anyone in any intellectual if they have something against those who are self-employed, they will maintain that they don’t. If you ever question anyone in law enforcement that works for just about any branch of government, they will tell you that the simplest way to find a criminal is to follow the money. Does that suggest that anyone who has money earned it in a less than reputable way? It almost seems to say that, but it stops short. I want to take this philosophical problem to a higher rational level of conversation if you have a few minutes.

You see, in the United States of America, we have free markets. That means you can accumulate as much money as you feel important and are allowed to proceed with your dreams and goals. If those add many zeros on your bank account, there’s nothing fallacious with that. Further, when you provide goods and services to other people willing to pay, you are doing a service to society and civilization and helping to create wealth. That’s a positive thing, and if you look out, you will see that everything you see, everywhere you go, was made, bought, sold, borrowed, or produced by an entrepreneur or business.

Yes, those businesses are people who have routine jobs and produce those goods, but without the entrepreneur and business owner, those jobs wouldn’t exist. Sometimes we are pushed to believe that those that own the company are abusing the labor of those who work there. It isn’t certainly the case, because in a free-market those who produce- the labor, the employees, also have the right to work or not to work.

If they choose to work and trade their labor for money, that is a choice that they have made.

No one can blame anyone for not wishing to take a prospect. It’s a lot safer getting a paycheck every other week and going to your office every morning at 9 AM. Those who take risks and are self-employed should be praised and put onto his pedestal. I don’t understand why I am considered a wrong person for being independent, running a business, and being an entrepreneur. All I’ve done my entire life was to create goods and services for other people who wanted them if they didn’t want them, they didn’t have to buy them. They chose to buy my products and services of their own free will. I’d say that’s a good thing.

Guys, let me tell you that being self-employed is not wrong, and being an entrepreneur doesn’t make someone a wrong person. If an entrepreneur wins and makes it into the 1%, God bless him! He deserves it, or she, for that matter. Somehow our federal and national conversation got off track, and by disciplining those who produce goods and services, we are only going to create shortages. If you are looking for socialism, look for deficiencies, and that’s where you’ll find it.

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