What You Should Know About Montreal’s Corporate Scene

A lot of things in the world revolve around business; from the olden days of barter trade to the modern sophisticated methods of electronic transactions, it’s quite evident that business has undergone a seismic transformation. The business landscape is very dynamic in nature, requiring a lot of experience and shrewd analysis in order to thrive. As a matter of fact, every region has its own specific ways in which businesses operate. This implies that running a company in the United States won’t be the same as doing it in London. 

The event planning business is a sector that seems to thrive in many countries. This is because of the high demand which comes from the numerous social and corporate events held every month. SYNC Productions is a good example of such a business; you can visit their corporate website to check out the numerous services offered by the company which include audiovisual rental, corporate event planning, and videography services among others. 

When you take a look at Canada, Montreal stands out as a unique region for corporate endeavors. This is because it’s comprised of the Francophone and the Anglophone speaking communities. Thus, anyone looking to set up shop in this region has to consider some important factors before commencing his or her trade. To help you get accustomed to this region, here’s what you should know about Montreal’s corporate scene.

Balanced Trade

Given that Montreal consists of the French-speaking Canadians; if you’re looking to set up shop here, ensure that your business captures that market segment. By implementing strategies that’ll attract the local market, not only will your business gain the much-needed traction, but you’ll also strengthen the unity of the Canadian people. It’s no wonder companies such as Coca Cola and Pepsi thrive in this region; this can be directly linked to their tailored promotional strategies to suit Quebec’s market. 

The Business Setting

The corporate culture in different regions tends to vary depending on a particular location. Communication in a work environment is quite succinct and straight forward. The normal working days are from Monday through Friday; between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. The most preferred time for meetings is generally early mornings. Besides that, you should always respect other people’s opinions irrespective of their status or position; this is because everyone has a right to be listened to. Before you make any decision, always ensure you have relevant facts with you.  

When it comes to salutations, handshakes are the most common form of greeting; be sure to maintain eye contact as well. The right dress code for a business environment is usually conservative, yet stylish. Speaking of outfits, Canada is a country that experiences different seasons; therefore, one should always clad accordingly in order to avoid unwanted attention. Given that both English and French are widely spoken languages, your business card should have a translation of either of the two. 

You should take note that business lunches are rather short and typically consist of non-alcoholic beverages and light meals; conventional table manners should also be observed at all times. If you want to show an act of generosity such as giving out a gift, the best time to do this would be after the close of a deal. Inviting someone for a meal is also a surefire way of expressing your gratitude. However, should you choose to offer flowers, avoid giving out the red ones which are generally associated with romance; Lilies on the other hand are affiliated with funerals. 

One last point you should always remember is this; when you’re invited for some fun time by your Canadian counterpart, don’t turn down the offer. Unless you have a valid reason for not attending, it can be interpreted as being rude.  

Language Use

In most meetings, it’s quite common to see both French and English languages being used. Furthermore, considering that Quebec is notably a Francophone speaking region, there are very strict policies that have been put in place in order to facilitate commercial activities. You should also avoid speaking in a foreign language amidst people who don’t understand it. 


Whether it’s art, music, or culture, Montreal truly stands out from other areas in the country. Knowing how a particular area operates plays a huge part in ensuring that one is well incorporated in that society. Thus, observing the points mentioned above will definitely help you get accustomed to the corporate domain in Montreal.

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