What You Need to Prepare for Your Campervan Holiday

Campervanning is an excellent way to go travelling. It brings a great sense of adventure to your holiday because you’re entirely self-sufficient, plus it epitomises the phrase ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.’ However, there are some things you need to be wary of before embarking on your road trip. Problems are common when it comes to campervanning, such as breakdowns or burglaries. So, you need to thoroughly prepare to stop your holiday from becoming a horror story. If you’re unsure how to go about this, then read on. Here’s our advice on how to get ready for your campervan holiday.

Plan Your Route

It’s always a nightmare whenever you’re lost, but it’s most problematic when you’re on a campervan holiday. You could end up driving hundreds of miles in the wrong direction, wasting expensive fuel and delaying your return to the campervan rental premises. If you’ve got a limited amount of days in a country before flying back, this is particularly costly and frustrating. That’s why it’s important to plan out where you’re going on your road trip and take the time to figure how long it’ll take you to travel from location to location and then return to your starting destination.

Service Your Motorhome

If you own a campervan, you probably go on loads of road trips. However, like any vehicle, a campervan will become rundown with usage and therefore needs maintenance. Otherwise, you could be facing a breakdown next time you go campervanning, and suddenly your holiday will be less relaxing and more stress-inducing. So, you need to ensure you have your motorhome servicing before embarking on your next expedition.

Sort Out Catering

Independence is boundless, which is both brilliant and terrifying. You’re responsible for yourself and your family on a campervanning holiday; there are no friendly holiday reps or gourmet chefs to cater to your needs. This means you need to be thorough when buying food and bringing kitchen equipment for your trip. We all know the frustration of forgetting cutlery when you have something like yoghurt for lunch; or worse, having no frying pans to cook your dinner with. Imagine having this predicament for a whole two-week holiday. What a disaster. Please make sure you have everything you’ll need for food-prep before going campervanning.

Means of Communication

If you have a breakdown or accident on your motorhome holiday, you’ll need a way to communicate with either the local services or the campervan company. This shouldn’t be overlooked because you could become stranded or in dire straits without any means of getting help. There’s also the likelihood your campervan will breakdown in an area without phone service, meaning you’ll need to find alternative methods of communication. Campervans can be installed with internet routers so this is something you might want to consider for your holiday.

Ensure you’ve sorted these things before going campervanning and you’re bound to have a brilliant road trip. Though bumps are going to be along the way, they’re what makes an adventure.

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