What Type of Oil Does Your Car Need?

The engine is the heart of a car. Right engine oil can keep that heart fresh and smooth for a prolonged time. Cars are an essential part of our daily life. Thus engine oil is an essential part of a car’s life. So it is very important to choose and use the most accurate oil for your car.

If you are a car-lover but confused and searching for the right type of oil for your car, then this article is for you. So keep reading.

Type of engine oils

You can categorize engine oil between synthetic and conventional but specifically there are four types for normal engines. These are:

• Full synthetic motor oil

This type of oil offers high levels of lubrication and viscosity levels. So it is suitable for fast cars that have a very high-performance engine. This oil keeps the engine cool for long times and reduces engine drag. I have researched and can say Subaru engine oils are the king of this section.

However, fully synthetic motor oil can cost much than regular ones. But if you have a sports type car, you might not want to ruin your car’s engine for saving some bucks.

• Synthetic blend motor oil:

Synthetic blend oil is for both high-performance and low-performance engines. This type of oil is a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils with some extra elements. It has many of the characteristics of full synthetic oil, but with a lower price. That’s why this oil is getting popular among sedan users.

I Have a Subaru 2013 Crosswalk and using this type of oil for a long time for subaru.  Also, this oil helps to change from conventional oil to synthetic oil. again Subaru motor oils are the best for this section too.

• Conventional motor oil

Conventional oil is the most used light-weight type of engine oil. This is the older version of engine oils and mostly used in the older model of cars. Though this old is ideal for average or low-performance engines.

These oils are way cheaper and affordable for average car users. 

• High mileage motor oil

This type of engine oil is particularly made for much older and high mileage engines. Usually, this oil is recommended for a car that covered more than 75,000 miles. It reduces oil consumption, minimize leaks probability and reduce smokes and emissions.

What type of oil you should use?

Now let’s see what type of oil you should use. Well, it depends on your car type.

Sport/luxury/saloon/F-segment cars: if you are an owner of a luxury or some beast-engine                 car, you should stick with synthetic oils. Never use blend synthetic or conventional ones. In can ruin the performance of the engine and other parts. You might have permanent engine damage in the long term use of cheap oils.

MVR/(B/C/E)-segment cars: If you have a mid or small-size family car with engine model 2010 or later, use synthetic and synthetic blend motor oils. These oils will keep your car’s engine more energetic and will prevent slugs. Also, it will keep the engine quiet and smooth for a prolonged time.

SUV/Mini /a-segment/older cars: If your car is much older(older than 2009 model), Then you should stick between conventional and blend synthetic oils. It will prevent the engine from rusts and slugs. Some models could give some extra mileage too. Most of all, it will save you some money.

Off-road/ pickup /very old engine car: High mileage motor oils are made for these types of cars. This oil is a fuel saver. It will also prevent leaking of old engines and cars that are mostly on the run.

What graded oil should use?

It depends on the weather where you live and drives mostly. The pre number of W refers to the lower and after number refers to the higher temperature where that oil can flow and work best.

So, if you live in very cold areas, 0W/ 5W-30 are good for the engine, thus 5W/10W/15W40/20W50 are usually perfect for various areas according to the temperature. SAE 5W-30 and 10W-40 are widely used since their temperature scale covers most of the areas of the world.


Though I have discussed the right choices for cars, it is always recommended to use oil according to your car manuals.

For the best result, change oil timely.

Try to use oil that suits your surrounding weather condition.

Final words

Like I said, oil is an essential part of a car’s life. Right and effective motor oil can ensure the engines long-lasting and keep you away from repair shops. That’s why always use the most right motor oil and change it at the right time. I hope this article answered all of your questions.

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