What is Phobophobia?

Phobophobia means phobia of fear. The word phobophobia comes from a Greek word Phobos that mean fear of fear. This can translate this phobia better than anything else. Phobophobia is the fear of fear. Having this phobia can lead to panic attacks and stress because the person suffering with this phobia is always worried and paranoid. 

When you are always scared that you will be scared then you are really always scared.

When you are always scared that you will be scared it tends to make you very anxious and stressed. This leads to anxiety and panic attacks quite often. The cause of this phobia can usually be linked to a traumatic experience with a phobia in the past. If the person already had a phobia and had a really bad experience with that phobia it could make them scared that they will be that scared again.

People who experience this phobia can sometimes suffer the following symptoms:

  1. dizziness, 
  2. rushing heart, 
  3. sweating, 
  4. stress, 
  5. faintness, 
  6. hyperventilation, and 
  7. anger. 

This complication can look a lot like an anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder can exhibit all of these symptoms in a person when they start to feel insecure and the person may not even know why they are feeling threatened.

The anxiety disorder is eternally present before the phobophobia. Some signs of anxiety disorder that are somewhat different from phobophobia is expansion of pupils, tightness of the throat, a need to cry, a need to run, desperation, and a sick sinking sensation in the pit of the stomach.

There are numerous ways to handle both disorders and the treatments used for anxiety disorders have been known to work for phobophobia. Some medications can help control both of these disorders. Different exercises can also help with a phobia of this nature. When experiencing this disorder the best thing to do is see a doctor.

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