What Is FMWhatsApp & Features of FMWhatsApp

The modified WhatsApp versions offer interesting, cool functions compared to the original version. These functions are not available in the original WhatsApp version. If you prefer a more or a personalized, customized messaging app, you can opt for a modified WhatsApp version.

Data and confidentiality

Theoretically, FMWhatsAppApk is designed on the same code base as WhatsApp. However, its designer has nothing to do with the official app, so that nobody can assure that the code of this MOD is 100% clean. It is also not possible to ensure that our conversations are stored securely. According to its creators, the app uses the same servers as WhatsApp Messenger, but this does not provide security for two reasons: they could also copy the information to another server of their property and in any case, discussions will be found in the official servers of WhatsApp Inc that, even if the company assures us that it is impossible, we cannot know 100% if someone will be able to access it. And even less if we consider that it is an American company which holds itself to the laws of this country, suspected of violating the rights of confidentiality of the users with the pretext of protecting their national security.

Introducing FMWhatsApp

In short, FMWhatsappApk is considered one of the best WhatsApp mod applications in the industry today. The popularity of this app has increased in the recent past due to its wide range of functions.

Features of FMWhatsApp


  • You can replace the standard green theme with any layout of your choice.
  • With this app, you can add a custom theme to the app from the library of available themes.
  • You can change and personalize the icon color of the app.


  • You can add privacy enhancements to the app. For example, you can hide features such as last seen, blue checkmarks, double checkmarks, etc.
  • It allows you to disable the video calling features associated with the original version.
  • You can secure the application with the app lock function included in the modified version.

Exclusive functions

  • With FMWhatsApp, you don’t need to save contact information to send a message. Instead, you can simply send the message directly to unsaved contacts.
  • With the official WhatsApp, you can only pin three chats. However, when it comes to FMWhatsApp, you can pin up to 100 chats.
  • FMWhatsApp gives you the freedom to change the colors of the groups you are a member of. Such an approach will help you to find the respective group easily.

Security features

  • The built-in app lock that comes with this app is very convenient in terms of privacy. Thanks to this function, you can easily lock the app without using a third-party tool.
  • You can also protect all conversations with this app by simply adding PINs.

Increased limits

  • With FMWhatsApp you can send messages to large groups (over 500 people at the same time).
  • You can send more than 60 pictures to each recipient at the same time.

Well, the above is the list of features associated with this app. These functions are not available in the official WhatsApp version. If you really like these features, you can download this app immediately and install it on your device.

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