What can Street Fashion of a City Teach You?


Street fashion is a style that you see on the street. Easy answer, right? It is very different from what you might see in fashion publications, Instagram, and TV shows. It is not about the most valuable line of jewellery or the most extravagant costumes. It is not what you are expected to wear on the red carpet. Street fashion is about actual people in the real world who do stuff they like. Isn’t that what style should be all about in the first place? Along the way, did we lose a taste of what people want and feel while worshipping fashion magazines?

You can learn a lot about a society and its people by looking at the city’s street trends. Several factors influence this type of style. Even within a community, there are many sub-cultures. For instance, in the US, which is a reasonably uniform culture compared to many other countries, the thought of fashion can differ from one city to another. A city like New York has its understanding of style on the street and is distinct from a city like San Diego. Don’t be shocked to find that Californians and New Yorkers are not very related, after all!

Street fashion is also reliant on the weather of the region, and many content creators never consider that. After all, you are not going to wear a bikini in January in New York, but you can get away with a tank-top in Californian winter. Specific accessories consequently, become characteristic of the neighborhood and city.

Street fashion also helps us recognize the economy and overall “spirit” of the city and its citizens. During happy times, you will find smaller hemlines and brighter colors. It is not mere speculation but has a basis in research that has spawned many recessions. It is not hard to believe that since this is about real people and their real lives, it very well matches their lives. This is contrary to pop-culture, which is influenced by a lot of other factors.

Knowing and considering clothes in the street also gives a sense of history and culture of a town. For example, visitors can mix in more quickly when they experience this perspective of the city and be embraced as one of their own. Of course, this is a right that can be earned only by worthy tourists and visitors.

When fashion is grounded in actuality, it can become a potent tool to analyze and learn how a culture or city works and what drives the people. It can help reveal a lot about why things are the way they are.

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