What can I do with a degree in social work?

In today’s world, people are not limited to becoming doctors and engineers. We are moving towards STEAM education systems, where subjects like humanities, sociology, and psychology are equally rewarding. Thus, it givesstudent’s a chance to explore options and pick something that aligns with their interests. So, if someone is good with numbers, they can opt for a degree in finance, while others who are passionate about helping people can pursue asocial work degree.

Honestly, graduates with a social services degree gain deep personal satisfaction from helping others in need. This degree does not only equip you with knowledge but also allows you to develop skills essential forsocial care roles. Are you wondering what the professional world holds for you? A social work degree opens doors to countless career choices and numerous job opportunities. Let us unpack all the career options you have with a social work degree:

1.    Community Development Worker

Community development is all about bringing people together, and as a worker, this will be your core responsibility. You will be at the forefront of bringing a social change in communities and improving lives. The work is project-based, which means your focus will be onsmall to mid-size projects in a particular geographical or social group. Thus, all general tasks would involve building links with other communities, mediating conflict areas, and preparing reports, policies, and much more.

Thetasks related to community development keep changing with your designation. If you pursue online master of social work, you can qualify for specialized projects – challenging inappropriate behavior, mental health, and tackling drug abuse. Only an expert with accurate knowledge knows how to address these sensitive areas professionally.

2.    Education Consultant

As an education consultant,you would identify educational needs. That could help shape your career path. Social work degree is diverse since it not only equips people with essential social skills, but gives you the knack of teaching, learning, and developing curriculums. Hence, you can work with organizations to identify and support their unique needs. If you wish, you can also maintain direct contact with the learners in those organizations. You will assess student’s needs, the role of teachers, education systems, and present solutions to suggest improvements. It includes encouraging organizations and educational institutes to move with technological trends.

3.    Mediator

In the 21st century, we are witnessing increasing legal, family, and employment disputes. Hence, there is a need for a mediator to pull out people from the dilemmas by reachingacceptable outcomes. A social degree provides you sufficient training to assess situations from a neutral perspective. You have to listen and understand both sides of an argument while giving every person an equal opportunity to bring forth their point.

Unlike regular office-based jobs, you will have clients presenting issues that are financial, legal, or crime-related. Experienced meditators are likely to charge $200 to $250 per person because a demanding job comes with rewarding salaries.

4.    Career Advisor

Nowadays, students have countless career choices, making it challenging to pick the one pertinent to their interests. With a social work degree, you can readily qualify as a career advisor. You will assist clients with study-related advice so that they can make smart decisions about their future. They might ask for recommendations on various training programs, options for suitable careers, help with developing a resume and cover letters. You will have to listen to their ideas, aims, goals, and then, present them with available career choices.

5.    Play Therapist

Do you like children? As a play therapist, you can work with children while helping them deal with emotional stress and trauma. With the increasing competition, schools are putting much pressure on those little shoulders, developing anxiety at an early age. Likewise, you will also help children and their families work through difficult life issues. It means assisting them in dealing with divorce, separation, violent parent, abuse, and neglect. Trained professionals treat these complex issues with the utmost care by understanding children’s nature and how they express themselves. This career is satisfying and rewarding, allowing you to earn up to $50,000 annually if you have prior experience.

6.    Chaplain

Do you have philosophical beliefs? If yes, chaplaincy work could be the perfect career option for you. These individuals have devoted their lives to humanity by providing guidance and counseling to those in need. However, you have to be an excellent listener to step into this profession because you will face overwhelming challenges by individuals. As far as the working environment is concerned, you have the autonomy to render your services in hospitals, universities, prisons, and even armed forces. Likewise, it is up to you whether you want to work as a full-time employee in organizations or get a part-time job.


People usually assume that a social work degree might restrict them to community service all their lives. Honestly, there is a lot you can do with your degree in various positions – from a career counselor, chaplain to a play therapist. However, all these careers have one thing in common – the need to help and assist others. It could be helping people with complex issues or advising them on their careers. In case you are still wondering what to do with this degree. Look above to explore excellent career options.

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