Walking in Your Customer’s Shoes as an Entrepreneur


Put yourself in the shoes of your likely clients. They have found you on the web because they have particularly looked for you. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Instagram, or Bing has considered your site relevant to what they are looking for… What are they engaged in? What bothers them? What dilemma do they have that they want someone to answer?

As an entrepreneur, you are, of course, close to your business. You know it inside out. The attraction then is to write about your business on your homepage and that can be a big blunder. The truth is people don’t care about your business. Don’t take it personally. I’m sure they are all very friendly people, and so are you; but that’s not what they are there for.

They are there because it’s possible that you have something they need. In short, they have a narrow self-interest and it needs attention. If you can meet that self-interest by talking right to them about how to resolve their obstacle and challenges, you will have a possibility of stopping them surfing. Go to your website as if you were a first-time visitor. Be hard on yourself and ask if you are really fascinating your visitors in those first 8 seconds in a way that stops them from surfing.

You’ll have more prominent success if you know your customers. So, how do you get to know them? Here are a few ideas to hop in your customers’ shoes and figure out what exactly they want.

One, Ask them what they want. Yep, it can be that simple! Just enquire – When they are in your store, by email or mail or by comment cards. Do some postcard printing and mail out postcards with short, tear-off surveys that can be sent back to you, postage prepaid.

Two, If you have a Web site or blog, leave a room for comments and questions. Web sites have made it easy to get honest feedback because people can remain anonymous, which means they can be more realistic.

Last but not least:

Sometimes just asking them won’t give you real results because people like to be subtle and don’t want to hurt your feelings. Try to assume what your customer is feeling when he or she walks into your store. What fascinates them? What offends them? Go through your store as if you were a customer. Are things simple to find? Do whatever you can to get in the minds of your customers. This is how entrepreneurs win.

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