Virgo Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020


The first two days of the week will prove to be excellent for matters pertaining to your relationship equations and love. You will witness a great joy, bliss and a feeling of belonging with your partner during this period. There is a distinct possibility of having a romantic outing, a visit to a garden, restaurant or a movie with your partner during this time. Every moment that you spend with your partner will be absolutely enchanting. This is not a good time for singles to propose their love to their beloved. There is a possibility of their proposal being rejected if they do so. Be patient!


The initial two days of the week may be slightly difficult for students. During these days, students may remain distracted and will not be able to focus properly upon their studies. Do not be misled by friends who are not very serious about their academics. Students will be required to work diligently and hard to achieve desired results. Students will remain very enthusiastic for their studies during the last three days of the week. They will be able to pass their competitive examinations with flying colours! Students intending to go abroad for higher education will succeed during this period. Meditation will decrease stress.


The beginning of the week may be very favourable for you in terms of your health and fitness. The levels of your positive energy will be absolutely astounding! There will be a substantial raise in your willpower and self-esteem during this week. If you are associated with sports, there is a very distinct possibility of succeeding in state or national level competitions. Your confidence will be sky high! You must be extra careful about your health and fitness levels especially during the last days of the week. There is a possibility of suffering from minor issues related to thighs, kidneys, legs or your throat.


Overall, the week seem to be fantastic with matters related to finance and money, especially the initial two days. Salaried employees may be bestowed with arrears, midterm bonuses, monetary awards and other incentives. Stock market investments will also be beneficial. The week seems to be very favourable for businessmen as well. You could consider investing in various insurance schemes for real estate during this period. There is a strong possibility that you may need to pay huge fees for matters related to the courts. There is also a distinct probability of availing financial assistance from a bank. We recommend that you do not take unnecessary risks.


This is going to be an action packed week for both, salaried employees as well as businessmen. The initial four days of the week may be slightly difficult for salaried employees, although, they will get plenty of growth opportunities. These are precisely the times when you will need to focus upon quality deliverance of work. Be prepared to accept new responsibilities head on during the last two days of the week. An overseas trip related to work is also a possibility. Matters related to Government, bank or court would get resolved. Businessmen will be able to conquer all kinds of competition with the help of a financier.

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