Virgo Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020


This week is going to be a roller-coaster ride as far as your relationship equations and love are concerned. Be prepared for a lot of ups and downs! You will be able to meet your partner a lot of times during the beginning of the week. Although, a word of advice here. Regulate your spoken words and refrain from usage of harsh language. Doing so may result in severe consequences and misunderstandings. Do not make it a war of egos. To love is to liberate. Learn to forgive and forget! You will get all support and co-operation from your friends during this week.


The week will bring mixed results for students as far as their academic progress is concerned. Students must absolutely try and retain their focus and concentration throughout the week. Their only goal should be academic progress and they should not be distracted towards anything else. Try and avoid getting into fights or arguments with your co-students and friends. There is a possibility, students pursuing higher education will be more focused upon extra-curricular activities, rather than mainstream academics. Students pay also face a lot of stress and negative mental anxiety. Meditation will eliminate such stress. The key during this week for students is not to get diverted.


Apart from minor issues, this week is going to be a smooth ride as far as matters pertaining to your health are concerned. Be careful, you may catch a fever, cough or cold. The younger generation may remain focused upon working out. Well done! Whenever you have mental anxiety or stress, try to meditate to relax your mind. Do not be careless in taking your medicines. Being regular and careful with your dosages will help eliminate any future complications. People suffering from hypertension or heart related diseases should be extra careful during this week. In a nutshell, health will truly be wealth during this time!


This is going to be a very average with week with matters concerning finance and money. You will be presented with a lot of opportunities to increase your financial inflow. Your income throughout the week, will be very satisfactory. Investments made in the past will start bearing sweet fruits of returns! These financial benefits will help you to invest in any desired investment instruments of your choice. If you do not control your unwanted expenditure during this week, your expenses will far exceed your financial inflow. We strongly recommend, you closely monitor every expense that you make and keep a tight leash over undesired expenses.


This week has to offer a mixed bag of fruits as far as your career and business growth are concerned. Roll up your sleeves and keep your bags packed! A lot of travelling is a probability during this week. Avoid travelling during the weekend. Doing so will not yield any profitable results. Instead, it may be troublesome. Government employees should refrain from using harsh language with their seniors. We recommend that you do not get into their bad books. Salaried employees may get transferred to their desired location. You will easily be able to sustain your regular income and your business will remain quite stable too!

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