Virgo Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020


The first two days of this week may prove somewhat difficult for your love and relationship. However, you may witness gradual improvement as the week progresses. And the feeling of love between you and your partner would increase during the latter half of the week. It will also prove to be favourable for those wanting to profess their love. If you wish to propose, the weekend will prove fruitful. You may expect a positive response. In terms of your family life, there may be minor disagreements that may crop up during this phase. However, nothing severe is foreseen.


The last three days of the week will be slightly difficult for students to handle. They will feel distracted with other priorities and could feel directionless as well. Unlike the last three days, the initial four days of the week will be extraordinary for students. Students may feel particularly inclined towards subjects like science, technology or accounting. Students from all streams; primary, secondary as well as higher secondary will be very successful during this period. Students will pass their competitive examinations with flying colours. Students who intend to pursue higher education abroad will be successful during this week. Students, keep up the good work!


Precaution’ should be your mantra during this entire week. If you are careful and you exercise a few precautions, no major health issues will bother you. We highly recommend that you completely abstain from eating junk street side food. We say so because there is a distinct possibility of digestive issues like acidity, indigestion and other stomach related ailments. Inculcate a habit of going to the nearby health club every day. Light cardiovascular exercises should be very helpful. Try to meditate and practice yoga on a regular basis. Stay away from people who are always in the negative frame of mind. Retain your positivity at all costs!


This is not a week to get carried away in emotions with matters pertaining to your finance. Your financial situation is going to get substantially better during this period. Monetary benefits are a distinct possibility too! Be particularly diligent about maintaining your accounts. You should always be aware of where your money is coming from and where it is going. You will also be presented with several opportunities to increase your financial inflow. There is a very high probability of incurring high and unexpected expenses. This could have a severely adverse effect upon your finances. Perseverance will be the key factor during this week.


Overall, the period will prove to be excellent in terms of your career growth, except the first and the last day of the week. It is a very distinct possibility that salaried employees will be given new responsibilities and better positions in their organisations during this time. Your seniors will be very pleased with your performance. As we said, Businessmen will need to be very particular about their finance during the first and last day of the week. Other than that, important meetings will be lined up and you will be able to develop your business. Be inspired and keep inspiring!

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