Unwind in Varadero – A Flavor of Paradise


Every year when I fantasize about vacations, I usually imagine myself getting a tan in a sandy beach with clear waters, unwinding with the hypnotizing sound of the ocean. That’s when Varadero spontaneously comes to my mind, which I call my bit of paradise.

Varadero, embracing Cuba’s narrow Hicacos Peninsula, is a famous beach resort town. Along its 20km of Atlantic Ocean coastline is a chain of all-inclusive hotel and spas, and a golf course. Near the peninsula’s eastern tip is Reserva Ecológica Varahicacos, a preserve with trails and an old burial cave.

When it comes to breath-taking attraction no other place in the world can compare to Varadero, one of the most wonderful Cuban beaches. Located on the Peninsula of Hicacos in the province of Matanzas, with 20 km of gorgeous sand, Varadero is a favorite tourist attraction on the island. The marvelous aggregate of fine white sand, clear and crystalline waters, unparalleled coral reefs, and interesting activities makes Varadero a vacationer’s heaven.

Whether it is summer stimulating entertainment such as yachting, diving, or parachuting, Varadero has something astonishing to offer you. There are several family activities that you and your children may find amazing.

These exercises may involve swimming, fishing, sunbathing, catamaran excursions, ecotourism, snorkeling, scuba diving, sea jungle tours, and outdoor sports. Also, guests can choose the fun of swimming with dolphins in Varadero´s Aquarium, where the dolphin shows are also one of the main attractions. I think this is a great way to spend the day with children!

Besides lazing on the beach, what I like most of Varadero is to play games in amusement parks, such as the “Todo en Uno” Park. While fun is always given for children, adults can entertain themselves bowling, playing pool or for those who are brave there is a roller coaster, which I especially find stimulating.

There are further activities that you and your family may enjoy. You can play at Varadero´s licensed golf course, take a trip in carriages, and rent a motorbike or just a bike so you can explore the village through your tours. Varadero also has several caves that deserve every visitor’s attention like Ambrosio and the Bellamar Caves.

Josone is another must-see attraction in Varadero, because of its gorgeous parks with beautiful vegetation, many kinds of birds, and a wonderful small lake. It’s just a feast for the eyes, so be sure to carry on your camera and take a lot of pictures! Thanks to its bewitching environment Josone Park is also an excuse to spend some romantic time, you may rent a boat to take a stroll in the lake, circled by ducks. This park offers a great choice of dining and bar service as well.

Varadero also presents lots of colors at night. Every hotel has its cultural activities, musical performances with Cuban or international beats.

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