Ultimate Guide to Fiji Nightlife


Fiji nightlife offers a relaxing adventure for tourists after a busy day’s schedule. These exciting places on the weekdays bring great music and a wide range of drinks, and the visit becomes even more wonderful during the weekends.

The capital city Suva is famous for its lively nightlife. A number of nightclubs and pubs in the city are located in the vicinity of Victoria Parade and the long stretch from Civic Auditorium to Albert Park.

  1. O2 Suva

    A thriving local nightclub visited by many travelers for its cheap beers and great music. Inside the place brings a delightful and relaxing experience both favored by the locals as well as tourists. It offers a range of beers at relatively low rates along with relaxing music. People can securely stay late at night as the club maintains tight security designs for the guests’ safety.
  2. Traps Bar Suva

    It has the perception of being one of the best nightclubs in the country. This lively place is marked by excellent music that would surely make any visitor hit the dance floor. The club has two bars and each is livened with music from an on-stage acoustic band playing during Thursdays and at times during Tuesday nights. The club has a place where older patrons can hang out where they can enjoy the nicely-lit, low-key lounge. The crowd starts to gather at around 11 in the evening.
  3. Bad Dog Café Suva

    Situated in a modern and contemporary setting in one of the capital city’s busiest areas, this stylish bar/restaurant combines its wide range of menu with a selection of local and international beers, cocktails, and wines. The clubs offers easy access to the O’Reilly’s Bar where the guests can continue partying up until the wee hours of the night.
  4. Wolfhound Suva

    The club is a great stop for tourists and pub hoppers seeking after-hours entertainment, particularly during the weekends when the place becomes a party zone. It has a wide range of spirits as well as pool tables and projection screens that show sporting action coverage. A great place for sports fanatics especially those who follow the local sport rugby as the place could erupt into a frenzy during live matches.
  5. O’Reilly’s Bar Suva

    The club caters to a distinct type of visitors including the locals and the expatriate community in the city. The place is equipped with pool tables and big screen TV for rugby and soccer coverage, making it the most “happening” bar or pub in Suva’s central business community, as some would argue.

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