Touring the Wonderful Architecture of Banks

Although we saw scary goblins that ruled Gringotts, the mystical business center in the Harry Potter series, is there a fan alive who does not want to visit its deep underbelly? Thousands of readers the world over have considered the mysteries of its wisdom and questioned if a Muggle might ever have an opportunity to race along the trails of its halls.

However, architectural wonders are not confined to fictional business institutions. While it’s doubtful that you’ll find underground caves shining with gold, there are many possibilities to see these beautifully-engineered homes worldwide.

National Bank of Dubai Headquarters

National Bank of Dubai (building) - Wikipedia

Dubai delights for any number of reasons, not least for its breathtaking malls and glamorous hotels. A prominent feature in this landscape is the National Bank of Dubai, an architectural wonder whose arched windows shimmer in the sun. Resting along the Dubai Creek, this large building found inspiration in the curving hulls of the small boats, called “dhows,” that dock in its waters.

The ING House

ING House - Wikipedia

While not a bank, the ING House is the headquarters of a multinational banking and financial assistance corporation called the ING Group, housed in Amsterdam. At first glance, the building looks more like a tower lying on its side than anything else, and its postmodern pattern makes it appear from a range as though it is floating in the air. Expertly balanced on sixteen steel legs, the ING House is an example of the remarkable feats possible through engineering.

The Bank of America Tower

Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park / Cook + Fox Architects ...

Manhattan holds some of the tallest buildings worldwide, and it stands to motive that this tower, the fifth tallest building in the United States, would find a home there. Standing at 1200 feet, the building is designed to catch the eye in the New York cityscape with its sexy, twisted walls. What’s more, the building was designed to be as environmentally friendly as feasible. Awarded the Platinum Leed, an award for “green” construction, the structure catches rainwater for reuses, is made of recycled materials, and filters all air that goes in and out of the building.

The Robot Building

Robot Building - Wikipedia

This unique bank possesses a strange kind of charm. Although it houses no discoveries in architecture or construction, it looms over Bangkok’s business district, Thailand, like an invading opponent. Designed to give the appearance of a giant robot, facets of the building are constructed to create eyes, chunky legs, and a rigid torso. Fancy keeping one’s money in such a place, with a monster to keep all would-be thieves at bay.

Many cities encourage tours of their bookstores, museums, libraries, and restaurants, but concerning unique architecture, financial institutions are worth seeing as well. These structures might not be in the beautiful realm of fiction, but they still present a heck of a ride.

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