This World Environment Day, Know Why Terra Firma Needs To Be Saved in 2020

The one where we know the “why” of it-

Terra Firma, or SOL III means the third rock from the sun, commonly known as ‘Earth’. Earth is the only planet not named after a Greek or Roman God or Goddess. The major question here is why do we need to save it, just because it fulfils the need of humans or just because we would be hard hit if we don’t, well we all know the planet that we live in is unique and one of its kind. Earth is so different because of the life that developed and continued to sustain hereby modifying the environment to survive. Our Earth is the only planet that had the perfect ingredients viz energy source, liquid water, an atmosphere with the right mix of oxygen and greenhouse gases that helped cook life.

The one with facts-

  1. Earth is superior to humans, it is not just a rock, it’s a living entity, it doesn’t have parents, no DNA, it cannot reproduce and these are basic attributes needed for constituting life. Such quirky is our Aqua.
  2. Earth finds its place in the Goldilocks Zone, a place neither too hot nor too cold, our home managed just the right temperature to cook life. (Venus is too hot, Mars is too cold).
  3. Only Earth is a planet that has an atmosphere suitable for breathing, the ability to heal itself following planetary bombardment in its early history and more recent extinction events, and very large amounts of water on its surface.
  4. The ATTO (Amazon Tall Tower Observatory) discovered a river, ‘river that flies’ a massive flow of water vapor from the Atlantic to the Andes coming from rain forest transpiration carrying, more water than the Amazon river. [Transpiration accounts for more water vapor transfer to the atmosphere from an acre of a forest than evaporation from an acre of an open body of water].
  5. The Moon that the Bollywood keeps writing about in the songs to describe the beauty of the belle was part of Earth until a Mars-sized planet collided with earth during early formations blasting out a huge chunk of earth that would become the moon.

The one where it all ended

“To start something, something needs to end”

Earth existed before humans and would continue to remain the same without us, in comparison to other life forms humans have had a smaller period here. When we were nowhere, there have been 5 mass extinctions on Earth, each responsible for the development of new life forms leading to the self – healing properties. The study of these extinctions suggests that evolution hasn’t been a slow and steady process but a series of insane ruthless catastrophic events, we just got lucky! So on Earth ‘Destruction is the mark of Evolution’

The one where it all started

The Gaia Hypothesis says that both organic and inorganic elements of Earth work together to create a self-regulating system required for the existence of life. It also says that the earth’s atmosphere as carbon dioxide-rich and oxygen-poor, so the early life forms used the carbon dioxide and released oxygen as waste. This led to an increase of oxygen in the atmosphere it is said that biological response would have led to the development of life capable of using the oxygen.

All living organisms respire and simultaneous processes such as photosynthesis and chemosynthesis, has made life possible on the terra. Everything on this Earth is connected, the world of soil below us which acts as an essential part of self-regulation each organism changes in response to changes in the environment.

Water is known as the universal solvent, allowing the transport, separation, and recombination of organic and inorganic materials which was essential in the development of life on Gaia. Again some rare events provided the proper mixture of specific materials to form primitive membranes leading to the development of life forms. So on Earth ‘Thousands have lived without love, not one lived without water’. Mr. H. Auden, True That!

The one where man becomes mango

Sadhguru Ji is a Yogi and an author, in one of his interactions he says “If a man consumes mango, the mango becomes the man”, Now If I were to further apply ‘Newton’s Third Law of Motion’ to this which states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction, here the result being “man becomes the mango” this proves that we itself are Nature and by harming Nature we are harming our selves, we rose against all odds and we certainly did not metamorph into a self- harm oriented species, we are better than this, since Earth is unique which implies that the humans are also unique, you help the Nature and Nature will help you grow. We are good today, we will be better tomorrow. There are approximately 20 more exo-planets capable of harboring life, but none of them feels like home. So on Earth ‘ We have our homes, and there is no place like home’.

Remember people together we can and we will save the Planet 2PX-3YZ

PS: With love, from a Human to the Environment. Happy 5th June!

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