The Ultimate Guide from Photo to Painting

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Photo to painting is not a new practice. It has been surviving and thriving since the early 20th century when most world leaders and other prominent upper-class figures commissioned artists to paint their photos on canvas. The practice has grown popular in recent times as a novel or trendy way of saving family portraits and photos of children, pets, and houses in a vintage style.

Advantages of this kind of art

Hiring an artist to paint from a photo is a pretty cool form of art that you can use to reconstruct a small photo into a larger and more impressive piece of art. A lovely painting, a loved one hung on the wall is more accessible or visible to friends and relatives than a photo hidden in the pages of a family album. A composed portrait also enables you to preserve a picture for memorial purposes.

It is also ideal for preserving wedding photos in a unique style for anniversaries. It is a perfect way of preserving the memories of that special day when you said: “I Do.” You can even have your newborn’s first photo painted and hung in a particular place.

Painted pictures add a touch of color, style, and sophistication to your home’s interior decoration. Nothing feels as relaxing and comforting as sitting back in a living room with painted portraits of your family, spouse, or pet hanging on the wall.

In the Office

Commercial context is also achievable with many companies working with the client company interior designers from chosen photos either personal or images sourced online to make the office environment more informal for touring clients and also very important to make the workplace more conducive to employee performance.

What you need to produce a painting from photo

The entire process starts with an image which is the photo you want to be transformed into a painting whether it be different for the office or one for the individual. The photo can be any kind of hard copy or digital image. It is more preferable today to have a digital photo painted although many websites will allow the hard copy as the picture to paint and can still work with old pictures that were taken before the digital photography age.

Size of the painting

It is also necessary to select the desired painting size for the final product. Sites providing this service will present you with a wide range of painting sizes to choose from.

Customisation preferences

Photo to oil painting is an art that comes with many customization possibilities. It is, therefore, necessary to know what type of customization or modification you may require beforehand. A few things that can be customized include the painting’s background, the color of clothes to match the painting’s overall form and color, and the combination merging of different pictures concerning different people.

Finding the correct firm/website

Before you select the company or a website to work on your paintings, ensure that the studio presents personalized attention to each client’s order. This is because everyone has his or her demands and preferences. Always work with people who have skilled and seasoned artists to avoid paying for shoddy outputs. Remember to investigate the time it will take to complete your order since these portraits are usually in high demand particularly during the holiday season.

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