The Top Power Tools Every Homeowner Should Consider Buying

The power tools are some of the best, most handy, and popular tools for many homeowners. You need a power tool if you are a DIY enthusiast, amateur, or professional craftsman. These tools come in handy when you have various tasks, such as repairing a broken door and sanding the finish of an interior door. 

But it’s very crucial to have a power tools list so that you can know if you have all the equipment that you need to meet all or most of your demands. This post will discuss some of the important power tools that every homeowner should consider adding to their toolbox.

The electric drill

Besides the power drill having class when it comes to screwing, unscrewing, and drilling holes. You can also use it as a paint mixer, wire brush, and sander. Because of this variety in functions, the electric drill should be the first choice for every homeowner. However, you need to decide whether you prefer a plug-in or battery-operated power drill.

Here is the deal, a battery-operated drill is considered to be more convenient, though the battery tends to run out during a hard day’s work. But those with batteries that have high voltage, they can handle most household jobs pretty well.

On the other hand, look for corded drills that have more amps, such as 5 amps and above for use in your household. Other features to look for include, size of the drill bits, speed, keyless chuck, and reverse operation. Electric drills that come with chuck keys are quite easy to use and you can use reverse operation for unscrewing. 

The circular saw

You need a circular saw to create quick or straight cuts along the length of the board. It comes with a blade guard to cover the blade when you’re not using it and retracts when in use to show the blade. A circular saw can cut through plywood, boards, and other similar materials. 

If you want to save time, perhaps your best option is to get a corded circular saw. These come in various blade diameters but a blade of 7-1/4″ is suitable for home use. You can also look out for other important features, such as a spindle to support the blade, a cord that measures at least six feet long, and durable carbide-tipped blades. 

While operating it, ensure that you can see the blade and the cutting line. You can find some circular saws that feature a laser guide for precise cutting. 

The jigsaw

You can use a circular saw for various jobs, but not when it comes to making ornate shapes in wood. This job requires you to use a jigsaw. Also, you can use it for crafting because it’s lightweight and easy to control. However, you should avoid going for battery-operated jigsaws if you want to utilize it with hardwood. 

Instead, this job needs a corded jigsaw with a speed of between 500 and 3,000 strokes a minute. You can control the speed by using either a dial or by depressing a trigger. It’s also important to choose a jigsaw with an adjustable foot so that you can create angled cuts.

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