The Science Behind Sugar Affecting Your Skin


As we all are fond of sugar and can’t say no to the delicious dessert after a happy meal, we end up damaging our skin and forget to keep it healthy, beautiful and young. Today I am going to elaborate on the facts and effects of sugars on our skin. It is always good and important to know the science and facts before you take wrong steps and fail. Your skin is precious and you cannot risk taking any chances. Stop running behind chemicals. It would a wise choice if you put all your efforts on the right thing instead of wasting money and time with zero results.


When we consume any sort of sugar in the form of a fruit or a piece of a cake, these carbohydrates directly convert into sugars and increasing your glucose levels in the body and apparently insulin levels also increase which can start affecting your body and skin.


So once your body insulin levels are spiked, the inflammatory reactions happen which is certainly not good for your skin. This also produces enzymes in your body that can break down important components of the body like Collagen and Elastin which leads to the sagging and ageing of your skin. Also, excess sugars build harsh layers on the skin resulting in dullness and hyper-pigmentation.


When you consume excess of sugar, through the process of glycation they permanently get stuck to the collagen layers beneath your skin. This whole process produces excess oils and exacerbate skin conditions like acne, allowing extra red and painful blemishes and bumps to appear all over. Once you develop insulin resistance, it can lead you to have excessive facial hair growth and creases on the body.


Consumption of sugar causes allergic reactions and eczema. If you have super sensitive and acne prone skin then you have to be extra careful while consuming food. Try avoiding a portion of nuts (peanuts) to keep your skin life longer. As several people might also have lactose intolerance, they can avoid consuming milk to avoid allergic reactions.


Sugar from processed foods like chips, breads, cakes, canned foods, ketchup, fried foods, jams, pizza and beverages are simple carbohydrates. These foods come with inflammatory factors and have high glycemic levels. For cleansing your skin from inside you need to start cutting down bad sugars so that it would start giving you a natural glow.


Try consuming complex carbohydrates, like brown rice, brown bread and food options having low glycemic levels like beans, nuts and whole grains, as well as more fibrous foods, which truly help in delaying of sugar absorption. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet with good healthy fats (ground nuts, almonds) and protein (fish, pulses, grains).

We all know that we cannot eliminate sugars but we can definitely substitute them with organic raw honey or organic jaggery. 

Once you start making these changes in your routine and be consistent about the intake of food, you may feel the process is very time taking but it does miracles with long lasting results. Patience is the key to better results. Stay healthy and beautiful.

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