The Real Therapy of Cleansing Your Skin

remember that your skin is your body, so cleansing your body cleanses your skin better.

To all those who have been surfing skin care products have to know the fact that only when you start cleaning from your gut the change actually begins. Trust me no skin product do miracles overnight, in-fact nothing does. If at all you have been thrown to that state of mind it is never too late to change. Come on, we have been developing since ages and now that we get to see thousands of products in the market, I genuinely say it is high time to wake up. Stop relying your mind on skincare or beauty products without putting your 1% in cleaning your body from inside.


Start observing your skin. Changes keep happening like excessive oil production, extreme dryness, hyperpigmentation and lot more. Now that you are trying to understand your own concern start figuring it out in simpler ways. Do not complicate at initial stages with treatments and medications. Get a health check-up including hemoglobin percentage, thyroid levels, blood glucose levels and also PCOD/PCOS. You never know what’s running inside your body. So that we can start taking measures required. Treating you skin also depends on the fluids inside like blood and hormones. Mostly purifying the blood and balancing your hormones will actually give you the results. For example people suffering with acne already see results as the experts say.

Watch your Meal 

Stressing it again, watch out everything that goes in. From sugars to toxic preservatives every single thing matters especially when it comes to your skin care. Remember your skin behaves the way you treat it. From years and years you have been ignoring and you cannot expect changes overnight. Have patience and plan out your meals. You would get enough of information on how to do it. Eliminating toxic ingredients like sugars, preservatives, all-purpose flour, refined oils and unwanted salts will help your body and skin do better. I know it is impossible to eliminate but precisely you can look for alternates which will be explained too.


Our land has been giving us wonderful natural sources like coconut, jaggery, turmeric, lemons, ginger, cinnamon, ragi and lot more. Start substituting your meals and snacks with natural sources. Change your routine. Start having immune booster drinks, detox drinks on daily basis. Adding vitamin rich foods like Amla, carrots, tomatoes and protein rich foods helps your skin stay young. You can add easy salads with your meal. This helps in detoxing your body and blood and leaving beautiful results on your skin. Besides your skin can always be in a safe place once you start bulking up with greens and fruits.


Remember your skin adds your beauty. Invest time and energy to pamper your skin rather adding that one extra makeup product. Understand your skin type. Build a skin routine Don’t be harsh using too many chemical products on face even not recommended. Know your skin type and act accordingly. Have plenty of water needed. Cleanse it and scrub it on regular basis. Hot oil massages can improve your blood circulation and help your skin glow. Washing your face twice a day is fine and enough. Steaming once in a week can help tiny pores to open and react well to your daily rituals. You also have to keep a check with harmful exposures to sun, pollution and chemicals in your makeup. Do not sleep with the makeup on. Apply natural peels and mask regularly. Moisturize more than you think it is needed. 


Sometimes the best way to fix your skin is from inside out. Some exceptional cases should be treated with supplements that actually work. Alongside your skin care routines and eating right, if your doctor still recommends any supplement just try knowing the science behind. Know what you take in always don’t ignore. For example, people with hypothyroidism might need extra biotin, vitamin c & e supplements for their skin to be healthier as they lack the absorption rate comparatively. So don’t conclude with false assumptions. And remember supplements are not toxic they just help boosting your skin with specific concerns. Also you still have to eat a healthy diet high in antioxidants from plant foods, stay well hydrated, manage stress, optimize sleep and taking right choice of supplements will only keep your skin healthy and beautiful. 

Remember your skin is always more than what you assume. Make a routine. Be concerned and consistent. Stay healthy and beautiful.

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Meera Mythili Mohan is a Risk Investigator at Amazon. She holds a Masters Degree in Biotechnology. She has been an active part of multiple college societies. She also worked as an Educator and is a proud survivor of Depression. She motivates people who are struggling with mental and physical challenges. Mythili is also a budding writer and researches on ancient Indian health practices. She is passionate about styling. She is also a talented dancer, singer, artist and a cook. Her mother is her inspiration. She also believes that being kind and courageous is the Real Beauty. She's an encyclopaedia for health, beauty, skincare, styling, makeup and fashion.

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