The Art of Face Paints in Clowning


Painted face generates fantasy, emotion, opinions, and perspective. It brings about aesthetic quality and creativity, particularly during performances. In the field of clowning, painted face is a gift, a demonstration of creativity in order to bring forward fun and laughter. It is a sight to observe not only for children but for people of all generations.

Face painting in clowning is truly an unbelievable illustration. It needs skills and talents in order to draw the audience. So, now, we are assisting you to look for ways to increase your clowning experience. If you master this, you’ll have no hard time becoming a great concert performer.

One good thing about face painting is its strength to get the notice of people. This is the charm that keeps clowning as an art a must-see exhibition for the audience. If you take the easy step of face painting by having a self-to-do thing, soon you will realize that you become a specialist at this valuable skill. Take a peek at some face painting patterns to get you started, but understand that getting started is the tough part; after that, the sky is the limit!

What are the things necessary for this? The primary thing that you need is to get yourself a class set of face paints. While some people claim that acrylics and watercolor paints will do just fine, they can be dangerous. Go ahead and don’t wait to spend in a set of quality face paints that will last you a while.

Put in mind also that just because it says non-toxic does not mean that it’s great for your skin, particularly when it comes to young children, so play it safe and pick up a good set of face paints. So watch out for quality paint that is examined to stay painted on your face for the complete span of your show.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind. First, remember to use a sponge to spread color on smoothly. By doing this you save time and you will obtain good face paint. Second, remember to keep the front layer dry before painting on top of it. This normally doesn’t take very long so be composed. Ask the child you are working on some questions and ask her why she might have picked the design that she did. Third, recognize that if you don’t want to get commenced with freehand sketches then start out with stencils. Stencils of hearts and stars are a great way to build up your belief.

Also, explore your creative prowess. Take some time to think about amazing face painting examples that you would like to draw. We present you with some basic designs below and let yourself run wild.

  1. Chinese alphabets

    These gorgeous brushwork designs transpose beautifully to the skin and all you need to do is black and white! Put down a white coat first and paint the black characters on top. If you don’t read Chinese characters yourself, keep a dictionary on hand to assist people out.
  2. Butterflies

    Classy, fun, and easy, get the basic shape of the butterfly down. If you want to get fancy, look at the swallowtail butterfly shapes and you’ll be able to make something really unique on your client’s faces! This is an exceptional way to get a little bit of color onto someone.
  3. Buds

    When someone wants to feel lovely, you’ll find that flowers are a transcendent place to start, so look at flower forms. Look at the real shapes behind the flower and decide how to assign just the basic shapes to the skin.
  4. Dolphins

    When it comes to entertainment in the water, look no further than a dolphin. Although most dolphins are a steely gray, make sure that you highlight it with blue. This will make the pattern pop, and if you want a grand design, add some curls and some whitecaps as well.

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