Taurus Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020


If you are in a romantic relationship, then this week shall give you ample reasons to rejoice. This duration of time shall be littered with cozy interactions and in intimate company of your lover. Distance won’t bother you as you’d be in touch with your special person through social media 24×7. Social media will prove to be the cauldron in which your feelings for one another shall melt. However, there may be some minor friction in the form of difference of opinion. This could result into arguments. This is why it is so important that you keep your temper in check.


The week is very promising for you in terms of your career. You can expect many a positive development. This is going to put you in a firm position in your academics. Such a development shall lead you to be in a visionary and cheerful frame of mind. Not only this, but will feel empowered and secure. You should see the fruition of your past efforts this week. Ganesha advises you to set your sights on a target and give more time to studies. Students wishing to go abroad will get success. IT and Communication students shall be especially happy this week.


You may face some health concerns in these 7 days. You should not take any anomalies in your well being lightly. It is not wise to ignore any troubling issues as they may snowball into something nasty. It is best to neutralize any disease in its nascent stage. It seems headache, blood pressure and cardiac problems can emerge. It is foreseen that your health shall be uncertain till the end of the week. You are advised to consult your doctor should the need arise. You could be uneasy mentally here. To remedy this tumultuous emotional state, practice yoga and meditation. Eat well and rest adequately.


You are advised to be watchful of your finances in this time period. This is not the time for extravagant expenditure or spending money lavishly. Instead, prioritize on saving money as much as possible. You should conscientiously work on amassing wealth at all times. Dark clouds are hovering over your marital life as a result of strained finances. Although you are to get some earning opportunities, you won’t be satisfied by them. The middle of the week, especially, might turn out cataclysmic. You might experience a debilitating loss of money.


You shall be highly motivated. Nothing shall distract you in your hot pursuit of success. Furthermore, things shall go in your favour. Your seniors and boss would notice your commitment. Hence, you shall get appreciation. It is also predicted that you may get a long pending promotion this week. You are capable enough to out maneuver your adversaries with smartness and creativity. All it requires is you to focus. However, there might be some botherations. It is indicated that you shall be embroiled in controversies or be cornered in office. Thus, try to avoid arguments with colleagues.

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