Taurus Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020


The week bodes well for your relationships. Those individuals who wish to find a suitable partner of the opposite sex shall soon get glad tidings. People coping with a shattered bond are set to have reason to smile again. It is very likely that things go back to what they were. Furthermore, you can anticipate getting very many chances to enjoy the loving company of your partner. You will experience intensely passionate feelings for the object of your affection. You shall cherish old moments together and share a laugh. Your partner might be planning a surprise for you.


It is foreseen that students shall have an amazing time on the education front. This is especially true for children pursuing higher education. Moreover, planetary movement suggests that your curiosity shall peak in this period of time. You should give undiminished attention to academics and outstanding results shall follow. Those children who desire to study abroad are in luck. It is probable that they see success in their endeavours. Rapid progress in matters pertaining to education is on the cards. To cut a long story short, students are expected to have productive and confidence infusing 7 days.


Pay attention to your wellness as it is probable that it deteriorates in this time period. A visit to a medico shall be unavoidable around here. It is unquestionable that food prepared in kiosks or even restaurants is not always hygienic. It fares badly against the cleanliness with which dishes are cooked at home. Hence, to avoid a nasty bout of diarrhea or such a stomach ailment, stay clear of eatables made outside. Yoga and meditation are scientifically proven aids to mental calmness and emotional stability. You are counseled to not take up touring in this week.


You have to stay attentive to money matters. You need to take additional care if you wish to make any sort of investment anywhere. It is prudent to take the guidance of financial experts on matters in which your knowledge is shaky. The week is critical and due attention needs to be given to every financial transaction. Those engaged in selling and buying in stock market have to be particularly circumspect. Keep an arm’s length from speculation based activities like gambling and lottery. You might spend money on religious work or for purchasing fittings for your home. The week shall be mediocre.


These seven days are going to be a boon for you in your profession. This time period may see you attend a game-changing meeting. The counsel you can’t ignore this week is to maintain harmony with your peers at work. You cannot afford any miscommunication or arguments. Next, a profitable deal that will augment the standing of businessmen/women is just around the corner. Business owners who are seeking work from court or government might face some hurdles. They shall receive a tough competition from their competitors. Hence, they are advised to tread with caution in this aspect.

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