Taurus Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th June, 2020


As far as romance and other relationships are concerned, things don’t look to encouraging. You need to be cautious when dealing with your partner. This isn’t the best of times to plan an outing. The onset of the week is going to be a pleasant time. You shall communicate your feelings and thoughts with easy and receive warmth from your partner too. It is indicated you shall get some benefits from your maternal side. On one hand, you will spend money on the needs and desires of siblings, while on the other hand, you shall have some skirmishes with them as well.


Mixed results await all students these 7 days. School students are expected to be regular in their studies and things shall run smoothly for them. If you are a college goer or preparing for a government competitive exam, then things look quite dim for you. Notwithstanding this, you need to pull up your socks and keep working hard. Being good at academics has a lot to do with maintaining balance between studies and other activities. For this week, you should curtail time spent on extra-curricular activities and utilize that time to cement in your mind the concepts of text books.


The week looks promising with regard to your physical and mental well being. Veterans might feel the urge to practice yoga in order to look after their physical suppleness; while their younger counterparts would want to work out in a gym or perhaps take up some other form of exercise to keep themselves in peak health condition. As is with anything, going overboard is always detrimental. Hence, do not exert yourself too much physically. Be wary of catching some seasonal illnesses. As per the advice of medicos, drink lots of fluids. This shall keep you fit and fine.


Your finances require serious and immediate attention this week. If you run a business, then it is predicted that you may face obstacles in collecting due payments. Furthermore, if you are in debt and supposed to repay it, then this is unlikely to materialize. You would have to address this at a later and less stressful time. What makes the situation worse is that difficulties will crop up in your financial transactions. Naturally, this would be quite unnerving for you and shake your mental peace. You are advised to consider all ins and outs before you lend money to someone.


This time is rewarding for job holders and business owners. If you have some pending work with a government agency, you need to be cautious. You could face obstacles in getting a contract or tender from the government during this time duration. It is indicated that you will have a fabulous profit margin. You would thus mint money here. You can design new schemes in order to catch the attention of potential customers. Salaried professionals may not get a promotion, though they should get a good remuneration. Government employees could be transferred. Do not engage in verbal spat with seniors at work.

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