Taking A Step Towards Art of Living in India: A Personal Account

Being born a Hindu – Sanatani, I revel in all hindu festivals, practice most rituals, believe in all Hindu rites of passage. I Have also paid obeisance to our deities at many of the Teerthas, Dhaamas and Jyotirlingas. I now feel I am ready to get acquainted and connect to its spiritual offerings.

To this extent, I think I have taken a step in the right direction by attending four days of sessions with Ms Vani Bala and Mr Shiva of Art Of Living.

I am now sort of convinced that my journey further on the path of spiritualism will go through Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation.

I absolutely enjoyed the exercise with breath. It was as if I discovered I actually had one – observing it enter and leave my body – cleansing it of all the accumulated toxins within. It feels I am taking more goodness from each breath that I am drawing now than ever before.

I was always curious about meditation and how it really affects our mind and body. Thanks to Art Of Living, I now have a first hand experience. I am so grateful to Art Of Living Gurus for initiating and introducing me to the myriad benefits of meditation – especially how it de stresses and de clutters our minds.

They taught me how practicing awareness and mindfulness and how consciously navigating our thoughts away from the past and living in our present moment keeps us primed for happiness. Every meditation session leaves me in a state of peace and calm, totally refreshed and deeply rejuvenated throughout the day.

I sleep better, I think better and I also work better and tirelessly without the need for an afternoon siesta. I look forward to making steady progress on this guided spiritual journey and improving my quality of life.

I thank my instructors Ms Vani and Mr Shiva for leading me through all this practice, teaching me Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya and meditation along with the yogic Asanas. I am sure these will help me to stay connected with myself in the days to come, especially during these troubled times of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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