Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 31st May – 6th June, 2020

Love and Relationships

You will be very pleased with your love this week. Your position with your partner will be very romantic and nice provided you take care of a few regards. Do not enter into any petty arguments and always be polite in your conversations with people, especially those that are close to you. You may lose quite a few close friends if you are discourteous or vulgar in your language. When you realize this, it will already be too late for you to repair your relationships. There is a definite probability of singles receiving fitting proposals for marriage during this period.

Education and Knowledge

Do not wait to change your college or university if you feel your progress is being limited in any way. This may prove to be very good for your future as well. Students will be able to score excellent marks in their forthcoming competitive examinations. The period is also very favorable for younger students going to school. Students will have undivided focus and concentration upon their academics. Students who have newly started their college education will find it to be slightly more complicated than studying at school. Students intending to join a government institution will be successful during this week.


You will be brimming with positivity, energy, and enthusiasm throughout the week. You will be very conscious of your looks and physical appearance. You will be particularly inclined towards activities that help you look and feel better. However, you should avoid working too many hours. Extreme traveling may also leave you fatigued and tired. There are possibilities that you may have to return from a trip with your work unfinished and seek immediate medical assistance. You may also suffer from minor discomforts such as breathlessness, headache, or seasonal fever. All of this could be evaded if you take enough rest and do not ignore any physical discomforts.

Money and Finances

You will need to be very diligent and pay extra consideration to your financial planning and monetary transactions. You will need to keep a tight leash over your unwanted expenses during this week. A substantial amount of money will be spent to develop more business by touring. This is going to be an essential expense, but a costly one nevertheless. It will be a wise idea to consult professionals and develop new marketing strategies to expand your prevailing business. Due to rising costs of living, salaried employees may find it slightly difficult to save money during this period. Pass this week with patience.

Career and Businesses

Salaried employees will need to deal with a lot of workloads during this week. They will need to retain a positive mental frame and complete all given tasks on time. It will be very crucial for them to maintain good relations with superiors at work. We recommend, not to get into futile arguments. There is also a sharp probability of salaried employees receiving offers to join a Government organization! Businessmen will need to work very hard to bring new business and clients during this period. They may need to recruit new staff to cope up with increasing business orders. This would indeed be a smart idea!

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