Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 28th June – 4th July, 2020


This week will test your patience. Your love life will remain very disturbed and you will make considerable efforts to meet your loved one, but in vain. You may even plan a few dates with your beloved, but your partner will not reciprocate appropriately. This will result in a lot of negativity for your partner in your heart. The scenario will be even worse for people having an extra marital affair. They will feel lonelier than ever before. They will be hanging between both ends. They will feel mentally terrible and their situation will be extremely awkward.


Technology is evolving very fast nowadays! Everything is constantly being upgraded. It is time for students to upgrade themselves too. We are not asking you to quit the orthodox methods. All we are saying is you must get acquainted with the modern ways as well. Project works will demand that you take the help of modern available tools such as the computer and the internet. It will be absolutely imperative for you to upgrade yourself and learn to use these different gadgets to your advantage. Do not shy away from learning something new during this week!


Regular exercise will help you remain physically fit during this week. Inculcate a habit of going to the gym every day. It will be very important for you to remain polite and control your anger while dealing with superiors at work. Do not enter into arguments with your relatives or friends either. A severe back pain or body ache during this week will make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Stomach related disorders during this period are also a very strong possibility. You could be troubled with severe constipation as well. We recommend that you stick to nutritious, light to digest foods during this entire time.


This is going to be a good week for investments. You could consider investing in various Government bonds and cash certificates. The week is a give away for you to save money in the form of various investment options. Although, you will need to keep a very tight leash around your unwanted expenditures. There is also a very distinct possibility of receiving monetary benefits in the form of medical bills, travel reimbursements or company expense bills. There is also a probability of receiving financial benefits as a gift from your in-laws on account of a very special occasion during this week.


Businessmen should be careful about each and every aspect of their business during this week. You will not be able to progress enough if you have a negligent attitude. Salaried employees will give it their best shot during this period. They will want to put their heart and soul behind everything they do. There is a very important department in all business organisations and industries. Sales! Not having a complete control over this department will certainly have adverse result upon your company finances. It may also result in losing clients that are extremely important for your business. Being diligent with every aspect will be the key factor!

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