Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th June, 2020


This week is not going to be a very smooth one as far as your relationships are concerned. There is a very strong possibility that you will repent falling in love! Mutually egoistic attitudes will make it even more difficult. This will increase the distance between you and your beloved. Singles should avoid proposing during this week as it may not go very well. Their proposal could be rejected outright! They will also need to deal with the hurtful words that are said by their partner. Nothing will seem to go right for you! Just give yourself some time and space and let this week pass.


A book is certainly a student’s best friend! But when a modern gadget has around a thousand books in it, shouldn’t be your best friend too? Students should be prepared to upgrade themselves with the ways of the modern technological era! Not only will you need to upgrade your mentality, but you will also need to upgrade to the latest requirements of modern education. The internet is an ocean of knowledge. Students will need to learn to get used to it. Orthodox books and writing pads will always be in fashion, but you will also need to learn the correct usage of modern gadgets for gaining maximum advantage.


Matters pertaining to your health could be a little depressing during this week. You will want to start your days with enthusiasm and vigour, but some issue related to your health will crop up. Things will not move with the speed you intend them to. You could start on a business trip but will need to return midway due to some discomfort with your health. Important meetings could be cancelled because of such health issues too! Eventually, a lot of important plans related to your career growth or business could be subsequently cancelled because of ill health. Be patient! Better days are just around the corner!


This is not a promising week for matters pertaining to finance. Your exorbitant expenses will be uncontrollable. Your investments are also not going to reap any lucrative rewards. Your finance department will miserably fail you. You will not be able to stick to your monthly budgeting plans. Your financial planning will seem to have completely collapsed. You may even need to borrow money from close friends and relatives to keep the show going. You may not even be able to cope up with regular office expenses such as courier charges, telephone bills, electricity payments etc. This will be due to the carelessness of your staff.


The week is nothing more than average for businessmen as well salaried employees for career and business growth. Your financial inflow will be mediocre. You will need to keep a very tight leash around unwanted expenses during this week. Not doing so will result in massive debts and other financial issues. Investing in the stock market is not recommended during this week. Doing so will most certainly result in massive financial losses. Businessmen should consider installing a security system of some kind in their office. There is a very high probability of a theft. It is always a good idea to keep a close watch over your employees.

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