Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th June, 2020


The week seems to be excellent for your relationship equations and love. You will be able to spend a very enjoyable time with your friends and family. A small family function may be organised during this week. There is also a distinct possibility of going out on a fun or adventure trip with your relatives or friends. If you get the feeling that your spouse is not devoting enough time for you, think about the reasons first before reacting harshly. You will be able to get maximum support from your beloved. Couples intending to become parents since a long time will be blessed with a child!


For students, this week seems to offer an excellent academic progress! Parents should be particularly attentive about younger children and teach them the importance of various outdoor activities. Higher secondary students will get excellent marks in their upcoming examinations. Students pursuing medicine will need to work very hard to obtain good marks. Extra coaching may be needed for students pursuing CA or CS courses. Under no circumstances should students lose their focus and concentration from mainstream academics. Hard work will bring mental stress. We recommend that students inculcate a habit of practicing meditation every day. This will prove to be a sure shot stress buster.


There are no major health concerns foreseen during this week. However, there are a few precautions that you must take. Firstly, there is nothing more precious than your peace of mind. Negative mental stress is the root cause of many physical and mental ailments. Try to avoid stress at all costs. Spend some time with your children and go out to play with them! Sleep for at least six to eight hours every night. Adequate amount of rest will certainly help you de-stress. Be careful if you have been gaining unhealthy weight. Refrain from eating spicy and fattening foods during this week.


You will need to plan your budget and finances very carefully during this week. This does not seem to be a very promising time for considering new investments. If you still must invest, take proper professional advice and consider all the pros and cons before you do so. Although, real estate investments will be beneficial in the future. If you have been planning to launch a new project or product, we advise that you postpone it for a more favourable time to come. Investments made in the past in the form of bank savings or policies will yield excellent returns during this week.


Speed and precision will mean everything for you during this week. You will need to take quick decisions whenever opportunity knocks your door. Salaried employees should retain a positive and an optimistic mental attitude. People associated with sales and marketing will get several new opportunities during this week to grow. Your dreams to achieve certain milestones with the progress of your career will certainly come true. Businessman associated with manufacturing or marketing of various medical equipment should positively consider expanding their business during this period. Overall, this will be the week when you must work towards achieving your goals with full zest and vigour.

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