Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 31st May – 6th June, 2020

Love and Relationships

You will need to be very cautious with your relationship with family members. There is a definite possibility of heated arguments being traded between you and your father. Always stick to a kind and gentle language while conversing with elders of the family. Singles, celebrate! That special friend of the opposite sex is soon going to become even more special! Laughter and laughter will predominate amongst friends. Your overall relationships with your friends and colleagues will remain very congenial. You should talk very lovingly and gently with your partner. Your words will work magic if they are soft and gentle.

Education and Knowledge

Students will need to remain focused and concentrated throughout the week. But the most important factor is to remain positive! Do not let extra work load affect your mental peace. Students who are prepared to work hard for their upcoming competitive examinations will be blessed with excellent results. Chartered accountancy students will be under immense mental pressure. However, there is nothing to fear, their hard work will see them through! Students could be particularly inclined towards participating in various creative courses, especially courses that offer interior decoration. Perseverance and sincere hard work will be the key factors for students during this week.


If proper precautions are taken, this week should not be an issue as far as your health is concerned. Upon the slightest symptoms of discomfort, visit your doctor immediately. Regular body check-up is also an excellent idea. We recommend that you take good care of your parents during this time, especially if they are aged. Do not let any person or situation compromise your mental peace and tranquillity. Staying peaceful mentally during this week will be of crucial importance. Listening to soothing music or visiting places offering natural beauty will help you retain peace of mind. Meditation will also be a sure shot stress buster.

Money and Finances

There is just one word of advice we would like to give you for matters pertaining to your finance during this week. Careful! As far as possible, do not lend money to anyone during this period, even if they are very well known to you. There is a very strong probability of your money being stuck for a long time to come with this person. Long distance trips on account of business or profession will prove to be very profitable in the near future. There is also a possibility of incurring unexpected expenses. Such expenses will put a considerable load upon your financial budgeting.

Career and Businesses

The week seems to be very progressive for people involved in the field of spiritual healing. The unemployed will get employment during this time, but they will need to work very hard to retain their job. Businessmen who have been thinking about expanding their business, can do so during this week. However, they should not take this step prior proper contemplation of each and every aspect of it. Businessmen associated with the export and import business will be presented with several opportunities to grow. You will be freed from any negative worries about your children. They will get excellent jobs during this period.

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